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Monday, December 29, 2014

The Librarians: Rotten Apples with Good Intentions

Daddy's home, minions!

                    I need to start downloading these episodes they really do light up my week. Numbers for The Librarians have risen. All the other shows are on a winter break and won't be back until 2015 so it's nice to see a new episode of a new show every week instead of watching re-runs. Anyway... Dragons, magic apples, and earth quakes! Just another day at the Library's Annex. This week's episode was one of the best I'd say. Everyone was ready for battle while Zeke was characteristically ducking behind the table but guess who came through the back door? Flynn Carson is back! 

How about some Jasmine tea to calm your nerves...

             Hello, Flynn! It's been a while. I thought having our main Librarian back would be stealing the spot light away from our current ones but not at all. Noah Wyle is the type of actor who likes to share the spot light letting each character have their moment. It just added to some hilarious, side splitting fun especially since our "pearl of wisdom" turned out to be a "rotten apple"; the Apple of Discord. The Apple of Discord brings out the worst in people and as the fruit was passed around we got to see our heroes at their worst. Cassandra is really REALLY scary when she's at her worst. I kinda like it. Lamia was no match. I just want to point out that Cassandra is kinda part robot so confusing her with the whole numbers in Pi was clever. Flynn was the best when he was at his worst. "Out Minions! Daddy's home!" I was rolling over in hysterics and he was in evil-mode long enough to tell some mystical creatures what's what. 

Cassandra is no Pussy Galore. She'd be a Bond Villain

         Duloc is turning out to be quite a villain. The worst part was that he stole Zeke's pizza! Instead of using brute force, Duloc decided to use dirty politics. I thought he would win for a minute but Zeke and Jenkins working together outsmarted the SOB. And for Lamia it was just not a good day. She kept getting her ass whooped by our heroes once they went dark side. Still don't like Jake getting flushed whenever he and Lamia are in the same room BUT he didn't have to hold Cassandra for as long as he did so that makes me happy. I dub their ship name to be #Cake! Cute, simple, and fun just like them! 

My pizza! You really are evil!

         I think this episode for Zeke was a deeper look into his character. For a few people some expected Zeke to walk out at some point or steal some artifact and use it for selfish reasons but he really came through for the Library, surprising even the judgmental Jenkins. Zeke may seem like he doesn't care but he never backs down from a fight. He even inspired Jenkins who was about to run out when things were getting tough. Surprising that Zeke was the only one who could touch the Apple without turning evil especially since through out the entire episode the gang kept saying they couldn't let him touch it. Zeke apparently is already his worst self so we can all breathe a sigh of relief. As for Jenkins I feel we have more questions than answers at this point. We have a lot of immortals connected with the Library and it seems Duloc and Jenkins like Jensen have been around for as long as the Library has. 

Jenkins looks worried... or maybe that's just his face

          As usual I loved the magic, the places, and the knowledge learned that comes with The Librarian franchise. Classic! Could barely tweet the story was so engrossing. Dragons under The Vatican while Western Dragons are symbols of Satan? Joke's on you Christians! Love it! I can't wait for next week's episode. The team has progressed so much even impressing Flynn who leaves the Annex in Barrett's capable hands after she decided to make her transfer permanent. Counting down the days until next Sunday!

The Annex has a doorbell? 

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