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Thursday, December 18, 2014

The 100: Finn's Goodbye

Looks like we're saying good bye to Finn

                       Although Finn killed 18 people it was still sad to watch him go. But we all knew that was going to happen. There was no way out of it. The whole episode centered on how Clarke and her people were going to form a truce with the Grounders so they can take Mount Weather. I was kinda okay with this because this was a big, intense moment. We have to see both sides of this. Finn was looking for Clarke, he didn't have to kill people but the Grounders' first impression was that they don't show mercy. On the other hand, those 18 people weren't warriors and didn't deserved to get gunned down.

She wants Finn's head on a platter

               The theme of this show is survival and what we are willing to do to stay alive. Finn's actions was a huge moral issue. It seems like the "right" thing to do is to give Finn over to the Grounders to be executed. But we knew Finn was trying to find Clarke and was terrified that she was dead. The Grounders have done the exact same thing when the 100 first landed. They didn't even bother with verbal communication, just brutality. So some hypocrisy. The 18 Finn killed were innocent but so were the 100. I think it was that Finn seemed like such a nice guy; a moral compass that we judged him harshly, which was why Clarke and Raven were desperate to save Finn's life. 

Stop making promises you can't keep, Clarke

            I was a little surprised that Raven was willing to give Murphey up. That's cold! And I thought they had a moment in the drop ship. She seemed more desperate than Clarke. We see through flash backs that Finn was trying to be a great boyfriend which only blew up in his face. I'm sensing a pattern... Finn going to killer lengths for the women he loves. I actually felt bad for Murphey getting played. Me! Feeling bad for Murphey! What an idea. Anyway, Raven's actions you could say were driven by guilt as well as love. It was thanks to Finn that she's alive.

Being Chancellor sucks

           I thought we were in for a gruesome execution but Clarke did Finn a favor and instead of using that blade on the Commander, Clarke used it on Finn as a mercy kill. To be honest killing the Commander would have been suicide and Finn would have died anyway. Raven didn't really think that through. At least the Commander was satisfied. It looked like some of the Grounders were going to kill Clarke too but what mattered was that Finn died for what he did. Clarke didn't want to lose Finn but we learned from Season 1 that she has the guts to make the hard choices. But Raven won't see it that way. I expect next episode Raven will be spiraling. 

Alright that's enough you're getting a time out!

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