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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dominion: Claire's Fashion Evolution

What to wear...
           I loved the fashion choices for our female characters but Claire's evolution of fashion was the most interesting to me as it mirrored her emotional and mental growth throughout the season.

Meet Vega's ruling house

        In the Pilot, Claire was "Vega's Princess" basically. I caught a sense of an Ancient Rome vibe from her dresses. The first one was a white dress with two slits on each side. Also the crown of flowers was a nice touch that brought the whole priestess outfit together. We get a message that Claire is kind of modest, interested in simple pleasures, and takes joy in helping others. Then during the Jubilee, Claire sported The House of Riesen's official colors of red and gold. Royal colors and a gold circlet. This was another crown, her "princess" crown for official events while her flower crown was mostly her preference of (as I said) her simplicity.

Even in casual clothing Claire looks cute

       Episode 2 and 3 were mostly Claire in pants and a casual shirt and jacket. Claire's a princess of the people and prefers the comfort of casual clothing behind closed doors. At this point she's still reluctant with the idea of inheriting her father's seat and marrying William but that changes.

Getting ready to take over office
       Episode 4, after Claire reconciles with the idea of ruling Vega, she starts dressing more like a business woman with the Senate Room as the office; a nice dress, a blazer and sensible heels. Loved the trench coat too. The cream colored blazer was "too nice" and Claire needed a slightly darker color to intimidate.  

Make way! Diva in the house!

Love how it accentuates her figure

       I loved her cocktail dress in Episode 5. It was simple and elegant with little accessories except for David's necklace. Claire's moving from a glittering princess to a calculating queen. There was that scene with William where she wore a very feminine outfit. Blouse top and skirt. I want to say lavender. Color means a lot. This light color is a non threatening color that gave William the impression that Claire was begging for his help out of the purest intention. More like she was manipulating him and using that outfit to throw him off. Claire is getting crafty.

Lavender is best used for manipulating saps

Nice pattern.

       Episode 6 was a very dark moment for Claire. She kind of starts wearing darker clothing after this. It starts out with Claire having her first political meeting with her father so she could practice for the future. Before you could say she was more of a center piece but now she's becoming an active player in politics. She wears a dark dress with a simple design. Claire wants to project that she's serious about taking office. 

She's feeling somber today.

       Episode 7 we saw little of Claire but I did notice her color choice ran on the darker spectrum. She's a bit more detached and calculating so she didn't need a girly dress or bright color to help her with William. She didn't falter once, she's more confident and bolder with putting her plans into motion.

White is for suckers. 

       In the season 1 finale we saw Claire as Lady of the City. First the wedding dress. It wasn't the classic white but white somehow would have seemed unfitting for Claire. White is usually associated with innocence and sanctification but Claire is neither. A dark pink/magenta color seemed perfect for her. Then we see her wearing black dresses. When we see black we think of mourning, loss, or someone is evil or has evil intentions. However, black is also a color of maturity where one wants to be taken seriously and Claire had grown up a lot this past season. 

Claire is all business

Her eyes put you under heavy scrutiny with their intensity

         I also felt having her hair pulled back completed her outfit. Claire is entering into a harsh, unforgiving environment called politics, which has been dominated by men. Having her hair down sort of gave off too much feminine energy when she wanted to be taken seriously and exert her authority. Having her hair back gave her a masculine quality but she's no less a woman and one will have little choice but to look into her intense eyes when she's speaking. We all saw that steely stare she gave Finch in "The Flood", he gave in without much of a fight. That will have more affect with her hair back. In the last scene of Alex's letter to their unborn child, Claire wore lighter, softer colors. It was a tender, emotional moment that didn't require her to hide her feelings so no hiding behind a cloak of dark brooding colors.

This is a tender moment, no black required

          I really enjoyed watching Claire evolve over the course of season 1. I'm excited to see how her wardrobe will also evolve with her in season 2.  



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