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Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Librarians: The Labyrinth

Yay team work!

                       The Librarians premiere I felt centered mostly on Flynn and the old cast so I would like to think of this episode as the real Pilot. This episode, the new team of Librarians got to shine, stretch out and test their wings. 

Now that we've sacrificed another intern, lunch?

            The hilarity was spot on. The characters have that going for them. The overall silliness mixed with the sarcasm and the adventure made it hard for me to tweet. I was too zoned in to what was happening to tear my eyes away from the screen. 

Love the street art 

            As usual the depth the producers went into exploring mythology was very creative and surprising. What drew me to The Librarian franchise was the magic and mythology and how the producers applied it to the story. The Minotaur and the Labyrinth for me was a great start. What better way to exercise your brain than with a magical maze that stretches through different dimensions? Cassandra applied math to the situation though that made my brain hurt; then again she has a brain grape (great line by the way) in her head so imagine how her brain feels.

We broke the globe

             The chemistry between the new cast was...interesting. Not bad but still some rough edges that need smoothing out. You know these guys have what it takes to work like a well oiled machine. Though there still seems to be some trust issues within the group. Mainly between Jake and Cassandra. Okay Cassandra betrayed the team but she has a tumor that's ready to go off and kill her so yeah anyone in her position would have done what she did. I feel Cassandra redeemed herself a little when she chose to save Flynn. Zeke showed compassion for Cassandra at least. Jake seems to have trust issues to begin with. He's going to be a tough nut to crack. I still ship Cassandra and Jake though. I think by season's end they'll come together in an unexpected way. 

Hey you got the back door working

            Still some growing pains to work through but I'm getting a better feel for the cast and how they're trying to keep the integrity of the franchise to the pleasure of fans but also trying to make it their own at the same time. Next episode is crucial.

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