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Monday, December 15, 2014

Arrow Mid-Season Finale: Will Death Finally Take Oliver?

Is this also a muscle contest?

                      A lot to love about the mid season finale of Arrow. It left on quite a shocking yet juicy cliffhanger. Let's talk about the major points that stood out and made the episode fantastic!


       Honor Thy Father?

               It was shocking to discover that it was Thea Queen who dealt Sarah the death blow. But you know what wasn't surprising? That Malcolm Merlin was behind the whole plot. Seriously Malcolm should be sterilized immediately he shouldn't be a father. I hate that Thea calls him "dad" but it was nice to hear her refer to Arthur Queen as dad when Oliver came to visit her on his good bye rounds. You know Thea's going to find out and all hell will break loose. Hopefully she sticks a sword in dear old dad once and for all.

Come on it's your last day alive! One passionate kiss for the road!

       Olicity: "I love you."

                  Wait... What?! You say that and just walk away? No passionate good bye kiss??? I can't believe Oliver chooses a moment where he may never come back to only leave Felicity hanging. He could have at least made it a kiss on the lips like in the season premiere where they broke up before they even started! I do hope one thing, when Oliver comes back Felicity runs into his arms and they finally come together as a couple. I don't like Felicity with Palmer although it's funny how she keeps attracting handsome millionaires who like to lead crusades on crime.

Truth time!

        Laurel finally tells ONE Parent

                  Laurel has been an absolute mess of late. She's been hiding the fact that Sarah is dead from her dad because she doesn't want him to have a heart attack. At least her mother has stronger instincts. Still waiting for Lance Sr. to find out. The last scene between mother and daughter is chilling. They want Sarah's killer to suffer but it was Thea who killed her and she wasn't aware of what she was doing so what will they do when they find out?

I think he missed the heart...I think...      
        Is this the end???

                I was absolutely shocked! No doubt about it when Ras put the sword straight through Oliver my mind went blank. Speechless! I thought at least the duel would be more intense but then again Oliver is dealing with a cold stone killer who's been dealing out "justice" since puberty. Also so much happened already. The focus of the episode was Oliver's heart felt good byes to all his friends and family and I loved that.

Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen, and now Ray Palmer?
Do all millionaires like to play dress up & fight crime?

             We were left with quite a big cliff hanger. I do know that if they kill off Oliver Arrow is essentially dead but that doesn't mean he's going to come back any time soon. There was a promo where we see someone coming to collect Oliver's body. Probably his old friend whom he met in China. He did say he didn't want to watch Oliver die so he'll probably be secretly nursing our green hero back to health. In the mean time Arsenal, Diggle, Felicity, and Laurel will be keeping Starling City safe. 
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