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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Originals: Let's Talk About Haylijah!

Every girl wants to be Hayley right now

                          Anyone else still need an ice cube? After a season and a half of "will-they-might-they-kisses" Elijah and Hayley finally expressed their desires for each other. And may I just say I still feel the burn from that fire Haylijah started.

Can you help me zip up?

              I would say "Poor Jackson" but I'm a Haylijah fan and besides, one last sexy romp before taking your vows isn't bad. Since Hayley is only marrying Jackson to unify her people, sleeping with the guy she's already in love with isn't necessarily cheating. True Jackson has been committed to Hayley before he even knew her. Unlike some other werewolves who have scorned Hayley's vampire side, Jackson never treated her any differently so at least he's a good guy. At least since Jackson is mortal he'll grow old and die then Hayley will be untethered. Although you have to wonder, changing at will isn't Hayley's only unique gift. She's also immortal. Will that also be conferred onto the werewolves? It would create a whole new breed of werewolves who could live forever! That would be bad news for Elijah. 

I think Hayley still has a fever & Elijah caught it

             The important thing is Elijah finally took the leap. He may be a noble self sacrificing guy who's a borderline martyr but it's nice to know that he's finally taking more risks with his heart. I suppose Hayley's attitudes about getting her desires has rubbed off on him (you know what I mean! Get your filthy minds out of the gutter!). 

One more Elijah pic. *SWOON*

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