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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Reign: Catherine Is Mary's Rock

Catherine has your back, Mary!

                Wow, it's been a week and I'm still shaking from that rape scene. There's no delicate way to say it. Mary went through a horrible trauma and she's going to be struggling with that for a while, but Catherine proved to be an ally that night. 

Boy please! These are queens you're addressing

             Catherine has known Mary since she was a toddler and they did develop a mother/daughter relationship during that time. But then came that stupid prophecy and Catherine went crazy trying to bump off Mary. Anyone else remember how Catherine blackmailed Collin in trying to rape Mary? Is that irony? Or just a cruel joke? Doesn't matter. In Season 2, Catherine and Mary clashed on a few matters but they grew close, at least close enough to respect each other. They did have that unscheduled field trip, disguised as peasants and almost being assassinated. But this event has cemented a bond that Mary may rely upon in the future.

Let Catherine be your rock

             After the horrible event, Mary ran away down the hall and bumped into Catherine. I could tell from the look on Catherine's face when she first saw Mary she had a feeling about what happened being that Catherine herself was raped as a girl. Catherine was an all-star, talking Mary down and then up. Mary was ready to crumble, clutching to the table wanting to crawl into a hole and die, but Catherine wouldn't let her. Her speech was very inspiring and it managed to get Mary to her feet and go out, stand tall, and address the court. Catherine was there, letting Mary take the stage, silent but very supportive. And it didn't stop there. Catherine stuck with Mary after the speech, tending to her needs. She was the A-team and even when Francis came in Catherine never stopped with her support. Mary drew enough strength from her mother-in-law to at least tell Francis about her trauma. 

The CW has taken a dark turn...
I like it

            I didn't think The CW had the stones to do a rape scene. Mostly it's just teen drama stuff but this boldness kind of earns some respect from me. To top it off, Adelaide Kane did a PSA right after and it's a part of the video. I streamed the episode on Hulu and saw the PSA after it ended. Sexual Assault for many is an uncomfortable subject but the fact is it exists and it's important to know that what happened wasn't your fault. You are not a victim you are a survivor.
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