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Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Librarians: How They Saved Christmas!

Santa knows my name!
                   Happy Holidays! Deck the book shelves and get ready for some surprising guest stars! For The Librarians Christmas almost didn't come. This episode was a lot of fun and very informative. Something for the whole family to watch.

I'm feeling the magic here... where's the mistletoe?

            The chemistry between the cast has improved. I feel they finally found a rhythm after that Labyrinth adventure. Very funny and cute but in a good way. Zeke was especially hilarious given that he had to act way out of his comfort zone of selfishness and instead be very nice, jolly, and showing good will. Cassandra and Jake had a rough patch at the end of last week's episode but they seemed to have gotten over that for a while to team up in London. Jake even complimented her... I think. I don't speak Brit as well as Jake can. 

When Santa stops referring to himself in a 3rd person
you know something's wrong!

          Comedian Jim Jeffries and actor Bruce Campbell just upped the hilarity level. Jeffries's role was small but he still had me in stitches as he wore his Santa costume. Bruce Campbell as Santa Claus referring to himself in a 3rd person? Priceless! The best part was that he wasn't just Santa but all of his other incarnations. Here's where the informative stuff comes in. I had no idea that Odin was technically the first form of Santa Claus. 

The Christmas Brigade

           Barrett was a Scrooge, not unlike her entire personality but spending time with Santa and the goofy yet lovable geek squad her armor is coming undone a little. When we first see Barrett's apartment it was very spacious, empty which implied her detached nature. She's been all over the world but hasn't seen much good will towards men even on Christmas making her cynical about the whole idea. However, when she was needed, Eve Barrett stepped up to spread some good will all over the world at the magic hour. There was this moment where she came face to face with herself helping two separate people? Trippy! 

Odin smash!

             Duloc may be a villain but he still puts me in a few giggles especially when he was scared that Jake was going to break his priceless artifacts and when he had the hat on. Okay how incompetent is Lamia that she didn't see that her boss wasn't acting like himself when he sent her away in Santa's Sleigh? Can't find good henchmen these days. And Jake should stop crushing on Lamia right now! Yeah I saw that look he had when she flirted with him. Now Duloc basically "killed" himself but if you ask Jenkins it'll take a lot to kill Duloc so I'm guessing our Serpent Head has been around as long as Jensen. It's a mystery...

It would really make me happy if we didn't crash and die

           All around a good episode. The Librarians is shaping up to be a show for the whole family and you don't get many of those anymore. Have a Happy Holidays! Next episode Flynn returns but hopefully he doesn't outshine the junior librarians in training this time. 
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