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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dominion & Supernatural: Which Gabriel is the Best?

Even the way they like to sit; all casual and stuff

                    Both Supernatural and Dominion have given angels a new twist; portraying them as more human with flaws, weaknesses, and interesting personalities. But the best angel that's been represented in both programs is the Archangel Gabriel. Both are mischief makers with some degree of ruthlessness and both have the best lines that make us laugh and forget all the bad stuff they do (sort of). So which one is the best?

So who wants to play doctor with an Archangel?

           Let's start with similarities. Some minor details: they love to party; wine, women, and song with a sweet tooth. Both Archangels have a sadistic sense of humor but it's usually to teach a lesson (sometimes brutal either verbally or physically). Mind games are their thing. I think it's because they have big egos and think they know best; their way is the right way. They have a sympathetic quality about them that makes it hard to hate them entirely. Deep down they're very insecure. Another huge thing they have in common is they both have severe issues with Daddy. Gabriel of Supernatural just chose to runaway while Gabriel of Dominion seeks to bring Daddy home. More on that later. Now for the differences.

Well this Gabriel went out in a blaze of glory

            Gabriel of Supernatural has a love for humanity. He agrees that they aren't perfect but he still admires them for how they fight for each other even when winning seems impossible. Even before we discovered that he was an Archangel, Gabriel only punished people he believed deserved it. We can't help but admire that. Especially since he has a funny, outrageous way of dealing out justice. 

All the ladies love Gabriel. 

        He talks a big game but Gabriel here prefers the flight to fight response. He certainly had a way of finding an exit when things got too heated. As for Daddy, Gabriel gave up on hoping for God to come back and sort all of this chaos out. He also couldn't bear the sight of his brothers fighting each other so instead of choosing sides this Archangel decided to go into hiding and wait for the fighting to be over. But he redeemed himself at least in Sam and Dean's eyes by holding off Lucifer so they could escape and giving them the key to defeating the Devil. 

I'll say this: Both Gabriels know how to party

          Gabriel of Dominion has zero love for humanity. He used to protect them especially against his blood thirsty brother, Michael but some where down the line Gabriel snapped and went on his own human killing spree. And it was all so Daddy would maybe come home. Gabriel of Dominion has all the signs of a serial killer to be honest; using empathy to create a human following so he could use them for his own ends. He played on William's desire for a father figure to help him keep tabs on Alex to keep two steps ahead of Michael. Then without a word, Gabriel abandoned William. He hung him out to dry because he had outlived his usefulness since Alex was the only person he wanted. No need for his spies in Vega now. 

Gabriel is an avenging angel

          And then there are the 8-balls. As Michael said before, Gabriel uses them as cannon-fodder to further his own ends. He even murdered a few higher angels to rile up his brother. This Gabriel has no problem with killing anyone as long as he gets his way in the end. But we know that Gabriel has some degree of love for his Archangel siblings. He was very upset (and then murderous) when Furiad almost killed Michael. At the end of Season 1 Gabriel ended up winning... this time. Of course we know that Uriel is going to poke some holes in Gabriel's inflated ego once she puts her plan into motion. 

Okay I chose wrong so what's in the other hand?

           So a few big differences between our two Gabriels. Gabriel of Supernatural is more well adjusted in comparison. And clearly Gabriel of Dominion is the bad guy. Neither guy you want to be on the wrong side of though. Still hard for me to pick which one is the best Archangel Gabriel. They're both so great and played by terrific actors who have put their own spin on the Archangel's character; making us feel all sorts of feelings from dislike to like and loathing to loving. I'll let you guys debate further. 

Gabriel was Loki before it was cool

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