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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Flash vs The Arrow

Yeah yeah don't get cocky, kid.

                   It's only been discussed in fan chat rooms but another hero battle royal is going to happen. Arrow vs The Flash. Who will win? Let's look at our heroes:

More target practice? He doesn't need practice but
it's fun to watch him do so

        Oliver has gone through hell and a few crucibles. In other words he has plenty of experience in fighting and surviving making him not only agile, quick, and strong but street smart. He's killed a few but now he has self restraint and kills only if it's a last resort. He practically mentors Barry in being a hero but the question is can the mentor keep up with the mentee?

He's a nerd yes but has a lot of heart

        Barry is still very green but he has determination along with a true heart. When he gets knocked down he gets back up and would jump in front of a moving train for you. He's also a forensic scientist so you know he's definitely got the brains. Barry really looks up to Oliver but does he have the stones to knock the Arrow off a peg?

So fast he generates electricity!

        Barry's speed is definitely an advantage. He moves so fast that everything else slows down as if time is standing still but that has a disadvantage. Unless Barry has some telekinetic ability that can read minds he can't really predict where someone is going to go. His main advantage is the element of surprise but Oliver knows what to expect. Also Barry can be kind of cocky so he may trip up giving Oliver the high ground. 

He doesn't need arrows to kick you butt

        Oliver may be at a severe disadvantage at Barry's meta human powers but we know he can think on his feet. Oliver doesn't have to hit Barry with the arrow to knock him down. True that Barry could attack before Oliver even strung an arrow let alone let one loose but Oliver has faced stone cold killers and beat enemies that were hopped up on mega steroids with more than just his arrows. Oliver has the experience and street smarts that could really turn the whole fight around.

Barry still makes a mess but he's learning

        Barry's definitely the underdog. Just because he has super powers does not mean he's invincible. Hell it could come to a tie! But my money is on Oliver. I may be biased a little but I also know that Oliver has been in the game much longer than Barry. The Arrow now has the police of Starling City behind him rather than against him and Barry is still a little trouble maker to his city's boys in blue. We'll find out who comes on top tonight and tomorrow! Unfortunately I work Wednesday until 10pm but I have Hulu so I'll catch first thing Thursday morning. Enjoy this special cross over event!

His aim is as sharp as his ab muscles

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