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Sunday, January 4, 2015

TVD: Kai Crushing On Elena?

This could be fake but I don't care! I like this idea!

                     I've only just recently heard this through the Twitter gossip vine. There are rumors going around that our new psycho villain Kai may start crushing on another Mystic Falls local and no she's not blond. She's none other than Doppelgänger Elena Gilbert. Poor Elena. Either people want to kill her or kiss her. But that opens up some interesting story lines. She doesn't remember loving Damon and although she's trying to get to know him again another crazy emotionally damaged killer may believe he has a chance at winning the brown eyed vamp.

Where's Ms. Cuddles?

           At first I thought Bonnie would be first on Kai's flirt list but she's still stuck in purgatory and no hint of coming back as of yet (and she will come back I hear so have a little more patience). Also after last year's Christmas cliff hanger it looks like Kai and Elena will be spending some quality time together. You remember when Klaus needed Elena to make hybrids? Maybe Kai needs her doppelgänger blood for some spell. He's super juiced right now so I'm sure his sick little mind is working out some ideas for nasty spells. Then again he may want to get back at Damon for leaving him in purgatory. 

Ms. Cuddles says Kai's sorry, bonnie...

Please say you're gonna use that to carve the turkey

      Still you know how that hostage/captor situation has a habit of working. Sometimes the prisoner and the guard get close leading to either Stockholm Syndrome or Lima Syndrome (which is the exact opposite of Stockholm Syndrome where the captor emotionally connects and bonds with the hostage). I doubt Elena is weak minded enough to fall for Kai but like Klaus, Kai is very lonely. He may be more open to an emotional connection. You can argue that Elena already fell for Damon despite his monstrous nature and so Kai may think she could love him just as much; getting past his horrible sins. 

What is it about Elena that attracts the psychos?

Children of the Corn much?

      We fell in love with Klaus when we got deeper into his story. Even more so when he started showing some hint of humanity when he started falling in love with Caroline. If Kai just remains a psychotic killer bent on murder and mayhem he won't be much of a sympathetic character. Besides Elena's last boyfriend outside the Salvatore Spectrum was boring old human Liam. Kai seems much more interesting. If rumors prove true then Kai's courtship with Elena will be more aggressive and fascinating and give us a deeper look into his tortured character.

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