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Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Librarians: The Adventures Continue

The Librarian is back
                  Watched The Librarians series premiere and I have to say it wasn't bad. The writers have stuck to the movie franchise's style as well as entertaining us with a few jokes, and wowing us with the magic and mythologies. Also with the franchise's elements: the Serpent Brotherhood for one and Judson may be deceased but he still hangs around. Hopefully we see him in the future.

Can you see the sailboat?

           Critics have said the show is too light and a bit goofy. DUH! That's what the Librarian movies were all about. They were meant to be optimistic and a side tickler. This isn't Lifetime where there has to be a rape and a murder every few frames. Lighten up! TNT is known for its dark and edgy content but The Librarians promises to brighten it up a bit. Too much dark content can turn one cynical so it's nice to have a show that can make you smile, laugh, and be awed by it's wonders; silliness and all. 

For Librarians they don't spend that much time in libraries

            Noah Wyle was especially a welcome sight. You know him from TNT's other show post apocalyptic alien series Falling Skies. I don't miss the beard, I'll be honest. It felt like old times really. Flynn's neurotic, weird yet lovable nature with an encyclopedic knowledge still shines although I felt it kind of out-shined the newbies a little. Since Flynn will be off trying to find the Library that's drifting through a void between space and time, it'll give the new characters a chance to woo us. On a side note, I didn't think you could kill off a sword and evoke at least some kind of emotion. Poor Excalibur. 

They have both brains & brawn

          There's still room to grow. If TNT does cancel The Librarians it wouldn't change a thing. The franchise won't be ruined. The last film kind of stopped on an open ended note and the same would be true if there was only one season. I for one hope that TNT continues this interesting series. Time for some light humor and fantastical adventures.

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