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Friday, December 12, 2014

Reign Mid Season Finale: Vengeance is Mine!

Can I ship Louis and Mary?

                      Whoa! Damn! So many one syllable words to describe Reign's mid season finale! Francis and Mary's relationship is going through quite a few trials by fire and Catherine is having hallucinations of her dead twins and... Henry? Let's discuss some highlights.

"I have something to tell you. You won't like it but... I like Twilight"


                  Quite a few confessions made this episode. First Mary opens up to her ladies about what really happened that night. It's not easy to tell people about something so traumatic as rape but Mary refuses to let this experience make her a victim. It was a moving scene. Mary still doesn't want to be touched though. She'll get there. 

Look mother and son match!

                Now it's confession time, Francis. Unfortunately it came too late: "I killed my dad and was being black mailed by that guy who's son you killed." Francis was so shaken and fractured that he seems to be turning into his crazy father after all. He's punishing the Protestants severely. Even Catherine was questioning this move. But Francis is trying hard to make it up to Mary, being supportive in his own way. I think he felt if he found Mary's rapist then she would be okay and things could go back to the way they were. Wrong.

Mary is packing Renaissance heat!

             Louis of Condé, can we appreciate how handsome and chivalrous he is? We were wondering what was in that letter he wrote to Mary and we thought that when someone killed the messenger that the message never got to her. However... a maid servant found it and it told Mary what he truly felt about her. "I've fallen in love with a queen." Looks like the player Louis had his heart stolen by Mary. Once again there's a love triangle and it feels so good to have one again!

Let's burn this mother f*&%$# down!

          Revenge Burn!

          "You're not even armed-- Good Lord!" ~ Louis

Mary has a posse now

              Hmmmm Louis and Mary seem to be a more effective team. Louis helps Mary track down her attackers but doesn't find out the truth about Mary's rape until they come face to face with the son of a bitch. Why is it all religious freaks think God will reward them for committing sins that He said were wrong? I don't know but what I do know is that Mary fulfilled a revenge fantasy I bet every girl has only thought about if they could come face to face with their rapist. Mary burned the whole place down along with those foolish jackasses who thought they could disgrace a queen and escape unscathed. 

Francis got them crazy eyes!

       Pleasure in revenge aside, it was a sort of moment of clarity for Mary. It's impossible for things to go back to the way they were. She feels Francis is to blame. Sounds irrational but it's not irrational if you think of it from Mary's point of view. But Francis is determined to save their marriage.

The only reason why Narcisse was beaten was because Francis is
king so it would be treason to beat his ass. He let him win

           Find Narcisse in a haystack

              Trying to find Narcisse in a haystack? Can I play? Of course if I was rolling in the hay with Narcisse it would have been much more pleasant (and sexy) but Francis really gave the old lord a beating. If you thought just because Narcisse felt that this uprising was his fault and would leave it at that you'd be wrong. Narcisse always plans ahead. If he dies then everything he owns will go to the Protestants. Isn't he fickle? Well Francis decided to put Narcisse in chains in a dungeon. Shame on you, Francis! I know I shouldn't be on Narcisse's side but Francis brought this on himself. I won't say that killing his father was wrong because well... Henry was nuts. Still Francis had people who could have helped him. So Francis is going to take his frustration out on Narcisse by taking everything he has and then when the king is done with him he'll kill Narcisse in his sleep. Damn! The world has turned upside down!

So um is Catherine...doing this herself?

          Catherine Slips Further into Darkness

Claude is an annoying daughter but you can't just
kill her

                 Catherine is losing it! Madness must run in the family. Catherine is having visions of her twin girls that Claude apparently murdered when she was 5... needless to say that family definitely could use some therapy big time. So the twins want Claude gone but all that does is make Claude dig her heels in further. She doesn't want to go anywhere but creepy Mary Kate and Ashley were adamant that their sister should take the big sleep. I didn't think Catherine would go so far as to poison her own child but I wouldn't taste that soup. We're not sure Claude is dead, yet if she will be at all but we know Cat well enough that she doesn't fool around with poisons. Then who was sleeping in her bed? Why it's Henry! So Catherine slips further into insanity with her dead husband and twins. 

"Francis likes Twilight? Where did we go wrong?"

      My last wish is...

            I honestly stopped caring for Leith and Greer's drama but I thought it was nice of Leith to use his favor from the king to set Castleroy free. Castleroy will be taking some vacation time but Greer is staying behind so I suppose the Leith/Greer ship will be back on again. Good Lord... 

How will I be able to wait until January???

           How will I survive until January? What will happen to Narcisse and Lola? What about Mary and Condé? Oh! And let's not forget Louis's sneaky yet very handsome brother King Antoine of Navarre has paid us a visit and seeks to destroy his cousin Francis. Ain't family grand? Maybe it's not so good to be king after all. 

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