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Friday, November 28, 2014

Constantine: Reasons NBC Should Keep It

John Constantine is the new Burning Man
          I know everyone's panicking because NBC has halted production on Constantine, but don't fret. Halting production does not mean cancellation. It's more likely NBC wants to see if ratings will go up before they invest any more money into the project. Personally I don't think Constantine needs 22 episodes. It would cost less to do 13 episodes a season and this is a WB production so it ain't cheap. But the show's future is still up in the air. Here are reasons I think NBC should renew this edgy, dark show:

What a great looking cast!

1. The actors were very well chosen. Liv was a new character but I didn't feel she fit well. She was too "damsel in distress". I see her more as a guest star but then Angelica Celaya comes in as the psychic wonder with a dark past, Zed. This girl has bite but she has an empathy that allows her to connect with total strangers. Matt Ryan was an excellent choice for the lead. It's not just the resemblance to the character, he seems to have brought John Constantine to life with his dark humor, charisma, some self loathing and all around morose charm. With supporting characters like Charles Halford (Chas), Michael James Shaw (Papa Midnite), Harold Perrineau (Manny), and Emmett J. Scanlan (Jim Corrigan) the world of Hellblazer has been brought to the small screen successfully.

Manny's that annoying angel on John's shoulder

2. Ambiguity. You don't have a sense of black and white here. There's a total gray area. Just because Manny is an angel doesn't mean he has John's best intentions at heart. I feel like there's a deeper story there. As for Constantine himself? Well he's no knight in shining armor. He's not in it to save the world but he ends up doing so anyway. And people are still a bit hung up on whether or not the producers will make John bisexual or not but personally I don't really care. His sexuality means little to me but I suppose you can say that just falls in with the show's vague style. It's no fun to just figure out everyone's simple desire within an hour or even in 2 episodes. The beauty in ambiguity is it keeps you guessing long enough to hold your attention but not too much that you get confused and lose interest. 

"I respect everyone I sleep with." There he's bi; can we move on?

3. Every week something new. There's so much mythology to explore here. The Well of Ideas will never run dry. It's not exactly a creature feature like Supernatural or Grimm where each episode has a new creature or demon to defeat. The murder mysteries here are more human driven mayhem with just the Rising Darkness to give them more juice. 

I bet John has woken up in worse places

       4. Other than Grimm, Constantine is the only fantasy/horror show on NBC worth watching. The only other show I watch on there that doesn't have a ghost or creature in it is The Blacklist and that's because it's a psychological thriller which keeps you thoroughly entertained with deep, intriguing characters playing the spy game. Other than that NBC has too many crime procedurals that bore me to death. 

Smoke 'em if you got 'em

       5. The film Constantine was a HUGE let down. I read up on Hellblazer and thought: "What the hell? Why didn't they use this? This John Constantine seems far more captivating and dark than the one in the movie!" However, the TV series has been more faithful to the comic book series than most of the comic book to TV series I've seen and that includes Arrow and Smallville's Superman. Constantine holds true to it's edginess and provocative content. 

Creepy...I love it!

         I feel after the Pilot, the writers found their rhythm and each episode of Constantine gets better each week. Unfortunately because I work in retail I can't always be there to watch and tweet live when the show airs. So I ask other passionate Hellblazer and new Constantine fans to tweet double for me. TVTag helps and streaming the show on the network's website increases chances of renewal. Let's make this holiday extra special by getting Constantine a season 2 where I'm sure it can only get better and more compelling.

Is there any law or rule John hasn't broken yet?

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