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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Originals: Our Twisted Sister

Welcome the newest member of our twisted family

                   Given the craziness linked to the sisters of the Mikaelson family I felt this title was appropriate. Not including Rebekah's temporary battle within, Freya and Dahlia will be Klaus's newest headache and not just for him but for the whole of New Orleans. Freya and crazy Aunt Dahlia remind me a lot of Klaus. They're both sociopathic, temperamental, vindictive, and expect absolute loyalty despite their bad behavior. Freya thinks she can over throw Klaus. Can she?

I suspect she has 100 cats some where

          Personally I think that turning Rebekah and Elijah against Klaus will not be an easy feat. Freya would have better luck draining the Mississippi River with a straw. Elijah and Rebekah have turned against their tyrannical brother before but they always made up. Yet Freya has some things going for her. She's been accepted into the coven of the French Quarter witches. "Your enemies are our enemies." Foreboding words. If Freya gains enough support Klaus will have the witches gunning for him again. And let's not forget that Mikael is back and he'll back his favorite daughter no matter what.

Hold on tight!

        I feel things have changed since Hope was born. More than Klaus realizes. He's determined to protect his daughter at all costs but Elijah and Rebekah swore the same. If Klaus put Hope in danger even unintentionally, I feel Uncle Elijah and Aunt Rebekah will step in and think perhaps they need to protect their niece from her father. I feel in this regard Hayley would be easier to convince that Klaus needs to be out of the picture. So I have a terrible itch that tells me that the Golden Dagger Davina and Kol made will come into play. Because there's a theory that if Klaus dies will Hope die as well since every vampire in an Original's bloodline dies with them. 

The witches in the Mikaelson Family are quite unbalanced
to say the least

         Freya reminds me of when we first met Klaus. I see what Esther meant when she said the light had gone from Freya's eyes. Freya wants a home and a family that loves her but she wants to be the center. But I believe Elijah and Rebekah are smarter than to suddenly trust an estranged sister just because she helped them or cited some emotional moment from when she would sing to Elijah in the womb. Besides, Klaus is changing for the better. Even though it meant access to his deepest secrets, Klaus allowed Freya to channel him to save Rebekah. So this may help Klaus. No joke, Dahlia will be a tough devil to beat but once she's gone I think Freya may cause a bigger problem for Klaus and the whole city. One twisted sister at a time, please...

Stop making it easy for Freya, Klaus!

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