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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Messengers: The Apocalypse Is HERE!

The Devil has landed!

                    Angels are replacing vampires as the sexiest supernatural creature but also in terms of programming. The CW premiered it's new series The Messengers and it's like Dominion and The 100 had a baby together! Let's look at what we've got...

*sniff* What's cooking? Smells good

     Houston, We Have a Situation...

              Great setting. Starting from where the first nuclear bomb was tested giving off a foreboding vibe of destruction that came from human's playing with nuclear fire (radiation poisoning that devastated the world and from which we still haven't recovered yet) and started a nuclear arms race. It's a parallel for another figurative bomb that's about to drop (and from the promos I suspect another real bomb is going to destroy the world). I also liked that we didn't get a vision of heaven in the fluffy white clouds and angel choir sense. The Man is hurdling towards Earth from outer space! Probably he fell from the spiritual realm of Heaven then passed into the physical realm of Heaven (of planets, satellites, and meteors). It's more modern but still Biblical. 

If only it WAS a meteor or at least ET

        Like The 100 I feel we're going to deal with a lot of moral issues; not everyone is 100% good or 100% bad but somewhere in between. Vera just found out that her son Michael isn't dead after all but was taken and now she's on her way to kill someone so she can find out where Michael is. Then we have Erin who may or may not have been an alcoholic with a douche of an ex who's a cop no less and now she just kidnapped her daughter. I'll admit I'm on Erin's side on this one though you still have to question her decision. Peter is a troubled teen who tried to commit suicide at one point but from what I can see he's a pretty tough kid. Raul not so sure about but we know he's all about family and he has a code of honor in a way. The only character we don't know much about is Joshua but given that he's a preacher you just know there are a few skeletons in his closet. 

Not very often you find a hot guy waiting for you in your bedroom saying:
"You'll come to me."

Because all angels like meeting in dive bars

   Our Messengers

           Rose the nurse seems important though we only see her for a few minutes in the beginning! Only question is who was that crazy guy quoting scripture that shot her? Was that random? According to The Man, the mysterious crash lander from space that does NOT come in peace, nothing is random. But onto our other angels: Vera a scientist (as well as an atheist), Raul the DEA agent now fugitive, Erin a single mother also on the run with her precocious daughter, Peter the troubled teen, and Joshua the now broken hearted preacher. We've basically covered the age, gender, and race spectrum including that they all have different occupations but what they all have in common is their dark past and troubles. Personally what tops it for me is Joshua's sleaze ball dad who may be the father of his son. I can only assume "on retreat" is code for rehab unless I'm proven wrong. 

Think you can kill me with that pea-shooter?

         And who is this Man? He's just called The Man by the producers... for now at least and he is played by the devilishly handsome Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado. I feel like he's an angel, a fallen angel. Theories abound from Lucifer (but wouldn't he come up from below the Earth not through the atmosphere) to Azrael or any other low ranking yet important angel. And why can't he kill Rose himself? Either way I'm actually glad we don't know his name because it adds to the mystery and keeps us watching to find out more and given that this show has premiered a bit late and is on Friday (which for most shows would be a death slot), the art of surprise and a riddle should help carry this show.

She's no Charlie's Angel. She's just a messenger

        Like Dominion, The Messengers is unique in it's representations of angels. There has been religious debate about if humans could become angels. They all died then came back as something else. Not to say they're all going to sprout wings and fly. Their wings are invisible and can only be seen in reflections. And they're all still human; nothing holier than thou but still like regular people. They also have different powers. Peter has super strength, Raul can read people's thoughts, Joshua has prophetic visions, and Erin has the power to heal. 

Joshua's cute. Yeah I said it

Hm you didn't kill her after all

       Not sure what Vera's power is yet. Not sure what Rose is either but she seemed to have the power of premonition which is similar to Joshua's power but it has to do more with feeling. Then there's Amy, Erin's daughter, who's along for the ride though I feel she has more to offer. She seems pretty precocious drawing suns, which is the symbol for Houston's Medical hospital, and she wanted to go to Texas where they're ALL going to meet. Coincidence? I think not!

Time to fly the coop, baby

       Is it the End or Just the Beginning?

             Overall I like the characters, I like the idea, and I want to see what happens next. I feel like The CW is gaining more of an edge. First it was The 100. Remember when they had a little girl murder some guy then commit suicide? Then in season 2 it really got controversial! And there was Mary's rape on Reign. I'm not going to count Jane the Virgin because of the huge plot hole (how incompetent is your gynecologist that you go in for a check up and come out pregnant?) though I will say having a pregnant virgin is pretty bold, however not that big of deal anymore given our scientific leaps in fertility. It has started late and it's on a Friday but The Messengers looks like a great way to kick off the summer. 

Beware temptation, boys

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