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Monday, April 20, 2015

Grimm: The Grimm Baby

Wish I saw this in the episode. Bet you David & Claire had
fun filming this one!
                 I'm probably the only one excited by the Grimm Baby. Adalind is about as thrilled as Nick and Juliette? I think we all know how she'll feel when she finds out next episode.

Come on & use tongue don't be a wuss

          Juliette has been spiraling out of control. Pushing Nick away. She doesn't really know herself anymore and she's blaming everyone around her. Juliette must be suffering from amnesia also because she had plenty of chances to leave and didn't. And it was HER IDEA to do the spell that would make Nick a Grimm again so she has no one to blame but herself. Though Juliette's been pushing Nick away I can imagine that doesn't mean she'll be happy seeing Nick with anyone else in whatever capacity. Juliette has been showing signs that if Nick asked she would have definitely married him and start a family but now that she's a hexenbiest that was basically destroyed and by Adalind no less who is going to be having Nick's baby. It will hurt extra hard for Juliette who had a secret hope to be in that role of bearing Nick's children. To see the woman who ruined her life be connected with Nick that way may just push her over the edge. But how will this news effect Nick and Adalind with their bad blood?

Those who ship Nick & Adalind were somewhat
satisfied with this... I think...

         I agree that in the beginning Adalind was a real witch. She attacked Nick's aunt and hurt his friends. Nick took her power away, which is what Adalind deserved. But after Adalind became a mother she was all about protecting her daughter and that made her a little redeemable. So what Nick did afterwards was mean. Not sure what kind of mother Adalind would have been but stealing her baby was a bit harsh and made her justified in taking Nick's power away. Nick can hate Adalind for that all he wants but he has to admit that what he did to Adalind crossed a line in some way. Don't care if Diana's the Chosen One, every child deserves to know who their parents are no matter how horrible. So now that they've taken huge stabs at each other this baby could bring a new understanding between Nick and Adalind. Adalind could become somewhat good as a result. I saw in the promo that Nick stood between Adalind and Juliette. Either that means Nick is on board with being a father or he was protecting Juliette from falling further away from her old self because murdering a pregnant Adalind and his child would really send her to a dark place that there's no coming back from.

Safe word first

           Since I assume this never happened before I have to wonder what this Grimm Baby will be like. What sort of powers will it have? NBC renewed Grimm for a season 5 and the network said they were going to try a reboot of the series. That could mean a time jump to when Diana and Nick's baby are a little older, which would make things even more interesting in terms of if nurture will overcome nature for both babies. Hexenbiests have sort of a dark nature while the same could be said for Grimms but Nick is different and perhaps his parenting skills will be enough to keep his kid on the right path. Also we may see Adalind and Nick's relationship change dramatically either for good or bad. Still I'm 100% all for this pregnancy and want to see what happens when these kids grow up.

Hopefully for the baby's sake their dynamic changes

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