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Dominion: Favorite Scenes: Something Borrowed

Here endth the first lesson.
                  "Something Borrowed" lacks Arika, Uriel, and Gabriel but more than makes up for in character and story. We needed our citizens of Vega to develop more of their characters and see how deep the turmoil of Gabriel's return and Alex's destiny would affect them. 

Follow the shadows, idiot

          1. Here endeth the first lesson: Lessons from Michael are serious. I could only imagine how hot the sun was when they filmed this adrenaline rushed scene. Of course Tom was on those wires for a while so the breeze must have felt nice. It was smart of Michael to use his ability to get Alex so fired up that Alex loses his concentration. In combination with the blazing heat and the heartbreak over Bixby, Alex wasted a ton of bullets; getting filthy in the dirt and landing hard on rocks and shell casings while Michael remained pristine and may I say a bit cocky since Alex couldn't hit the mark once. You could see Alex's frustration as Michael pointed out the most obvious factor that the Chosen One could have used to his advantage: follow the shadows. Damn that's embarrassing for a guy supposedly trained in special forces. We know that Alex has anger issues but Michael suggested that it's more than just his anger. Alex's deep compassion can cloud his thinking at times, causing him to act without thinking. Of course we don't want Alex to be a calculating robot but towards the end of the episode he'll find a balance between his heart and his head which will make this scene and lesson more significant.

David just took a dark turn

          2. David's flashback at breakfast: A very intense and horrific scene. Remember that Legion was essentially a horror film so it's nice to add a few gruesome scenes to keep Dominion's dark edge. We also see the source of the strain on David and William's relationship. So yes they are blood related father and son while with Gabriel, William sees him more as a surrogate father. David blames William for the slaughter of half of their family. It seems cruel to blame a 3 year old who was scared and didn't know any better but I suppose in David's mind he managed not to smash William's head in with his bloody hammer (as he seemed tempted to do in the flashback, which made my heart skip a beat for a second!). That darkness aside, David had a very clarifying moment at breakfast in the present. It's probably because in "The Flood" David murdered a child and was reminded of a time when he had to do other terrible things he didn't think he was capable of doing for survival. It really confused William for a minute when his father actually gave some sage advice: they were survivors not immortal and should cherish their time together. 

Bring Bixby back in flash backs please!

          3. Alex & Michael meditate: Getting a strong Yoda/Luke Skywalker vibe here followed by humor. Alex goes into such a deep state of meditation that he has a vision of Bixby. So we got to see Betsy Wilke (hopefully not for the last time) again after her character was snuffed out. I did love the lighting in the stratosphere. The blue light coming up from the floor mixed with the soft yellow candle light gave off a feeling of zen. My favorite part was when Alex had his vision of Bixby while little feathers floated around them. Feathers in general symbolize the wind and thought (a connection to the creator gods) and falling feathers give us a sad feeling of a loss of paradise or innocence especially if they're white. Alex and Bixby are bathed in a white glow surrounded by darkness as feathers fall like snow was a powerful enough scene to get Alex emotionally motivated to not fail in saving another innocent life. You have to wonder if Michael actually slept during Alex's deep vision. It felt like seconds to Alex but in real time hours had passed by.

             Michael: "What did you see?"

             Alex: "Who I'm fighting for." 

Yeah, Riesen, did you expect her to die
of a broken heart? Men!

          4. Riesen and Clementine discuss the future: Having an immortal lover is great until you have to have "the talk". You know about what to do when the mortal dies. In the few scenes before where we've seen Clementine we've seen that she's a confident, sensual, easy going creature that's become more of a domesticated pet but wolves are not meant to be pets (even though the dog is descended from the breed). We see Clementine become more conscious of time because Riesen may die any day now especially with his heart condition (these sexy rendezvous aren't helping!). She becomes nervous, acting irrational becoming a more sympathetic character to us. Not only does Amy Bailey make her voice tremble but I feel like I can see her whole body shake with anxiety. Superb! The 8ball has no where to go once Riesen dies: the humans would kill her on sight and her kind are so disgusted by how she chose to live her life they can't stand the smell of her (smelling the human she's been spending time with). Riesen says he'll come up with something (trying to be a knight in shining armor) but really he has no option but to put her down. He'll come that harsh conclusion later.

What happens in Vega stays in Vega unless it's within
it's walls....

          5. David blackmails Becca and her harem: David continues to sink lower in his quest for power. I do like how Becca and David's conversations have been limited to the Senate room. It just feels like the perfect environment for them given their political rivalry and this place helped to make a deeper impact on the audience. If anyone else noticed, David and Becca also were doing a lap around the room. I felt that it emphasized the dance of politics where it can go in circles and that there's always a curve ball thrown that one can't hit. It's not enough that he had Becca start spying on Michael but she has to report on Riesen too. So much for "doctor-patient" confidentiality. Becca showed some courage, even when David threatened to out her relationship with Michael (it's not like she and Michael can lie since David didn't have a shred of evidence to support his findings). But then came those cherries. Or as David put it: "I suppose they're not cherries anymore." Were they ever? David said those girls would love to testify. To what? That Michael is amazing in bed because of his fiery libido? That's what I would do but nevertheless, David had the proof to back up his black mail. I felt very sad for Becca. 

Don't start none won't be none!

Suddenly William is Claire's whipped puppy

          6. William proves his faith to Paul then his faith to Claire: Really liking this Savior statue. Incredible detail on Vega's religious leanings by erecting a monument to their new religion to replace the old, which proved to be a HUGE let down. Luke-Allen Gale has really grown into his character in the course of only a few episodes. William's dark side and light side both shine in this scene. William has this charisma that makes people flock to him, but sometimes it's more of a curse than a blessing when one of your black sheep strays into your flock of white sheep. Paul tried to come off all high and mighty for some reason. William spends most of his time being the submissive personality, being ordered around and underestimated by his peers but probably what makes being leader of the Black Acolytes so appealing is that William can assert his own authority and he made sure Paul recognized who was top dog by re-breaking his ribs. Then as soon as Claire showed up, suddenly William has a smile ready to greet her. William is Claire's whipped puppy. This makes him cute but I also feel sorry for him at the same time because given his rough childhood with an emotionally abusive father, William has this desire to please the people he loves, which can attract the wrong people (like Gabriel) who will take advantage of that. He was more than happy to help Claire even though she asked him to help her blackmail his father. To be fair, Claire is a much better person to take orders from than Gabriel but still, this behavior will get William in trouble.

Michael is an angel of few words.

Work it!

          7. Michael works out/ Becca breaks up with him: Tom Wisdom is not just an incredible actor but he's also wonderful eye-candy as we see him do Michael's exercises shirtless in the glow of golden sun light. Curtains drawn to make this heart breaking scene more intimate and well more heart breaking as Becca breaks it off with Michael. Michael didn't even let her finish a sentence first just dove right into one of their star-gazing sessions. I guess working out really gets Michael's romantic juices flowing. Loved the energy each actor brought to the scene. Rosalind Halstead's character is much more inclined to show her emotions than Tom Wisdom's character who keeps restraint at all times. Michael looked a bit sad but he remained composed while Becca looked about ready to break and collapse. She did expect Michael to say more than: "It's for the best". Perhaps to at least put up more of a fight but she should remember that Michael is a warrior and warrior-types aren't ones to give into irrational decisions. Michael sees this from a more strategical point of view where now Becca doesn't have to live a life of secrets and be with a human with whom she could grow old with, have children, etc. Yet we still almost cry as Michael conveys all of his heart break with his eyes.

"You owe me, boy. Just how much you'll never know."

"I am the man I am, because of you, father." Ouch

          8. William confronts David about his rough politics: William's patience with his father is wearing thin and father and son are close to breaking when William confronts David on his back door politics. Luke-Allen Gale and Anthony Head were fantastic in this scene. It was very intense as William decided to stand up for himself for once. I thought one of them would throw a swing, but it was all close calls that made you hold your breath then breathe then repeat. The fight gets ugly with David's resentment towards his son just comes pouring out then excuses his rough actions as being done for the family, still saving William, the weak child who couldn't stop crying. David's walking stick looked very close to popping off William's head. Instead of punching his father, which you would expect, William forcefully brought David's head low then kissed him on the forehead as David did to him in the Pilot. It was meant more of as a demeaning feature. David did this to William because he saw him as a naive child; calling him "blind" to what was in front of him. So in turn William shows his father that he was blind to what he turned William into because of the way he mistreated him. Over the course of the season I've seen William grow a bit more bold. It could be the approach of his wedding combined with the arrival of the Chosen One that is giving William more self confidence. On a side note, William couldn't dispose of the Black Acolyte's blind fold (the fire place never works when you want to burn the evidence) and so sowed the seeds of his destruction by burying the blind fold in his father's desk, which will come into significance later.

"This isn't mine!" That's what they all say

          9. Claire blackmails David/ David realizes William is an acolyte: Claire is diving fully into politics. Roxanne amazes me with the depth she gives her character and how smoothly Claire is adapting into becoming future Lady of the City. When threatening David, Claire doesn't miss a beat. She's cool, resolute, and you can feel the sharp words of her sweet voice cut through David like steel. Before Claire had a resolute nobility that I thought she would have exposed David for his "betrayal" but unlike Alex, Claire has a bit more clarity and is able to find a balance between heart and mind. David is useful when on a leash. Wouldn't be surprised that if things turned out differently that Claire would have bumped David off his Consul chair and put William on it (and let's face it, William is so whipped he'd support Claire in almost all of her decisions if not all). Full of class, Claire walks away leaving David in confusion but suddenly he realizes that the blind fold was William's. The look on David's face when he figured out William's secret was priceless. I suppose William's submissive nature helped escaped suspicion from Claire (and even David's) who immediately thought the Black Acolyte symbol was David's. Maybe David shouldn't be such a jerk. 

Make that happy trigger finger turn sad. Put the gun down!

         10. Alex corners Clementine but doesn't kill her: In this scene, Michael's sage advice on not letting Alex's emotions control him becomes more significant. It was a gripping action sequence with Clementine going full on Eight Ball and scaling walls in spider-like fashion and the Chosen One fighting (let's face it) a much easier angel target. Eight Balls are more or less animals who act on instinct while Higher Angels have more of a thought process. So Alex had a slightly easier time but just as bloody time fighting Clementine. To be fair, Clementine spent too much time being kept as a pet so her killer instincts may have dulled a bit (although she killed a few people). Alex may be a hot head but his compassion is much stronger than his anger. He had Clementine cornered, letting out all of his verbal anger, the affect of Bixby's and Jeep's death setting him aflame but seeing Clementine pathetic and frightened like an injured doe kept his finger from pulling that trigger. Alex isn't a heartless killer. A real killer would have ended Clementine without a word but Alex had to let the creature know why she was going to die if not just to satiate Alex's conscience. Yet when Clementine showed that she did have a sense of remorse, Alex's mercy instinct kicked in then let took hold when she said she had a daughter. Alex's compassion makes him best suited to be the Chosen One. He's able to see that some people can be redeemed no matter their species be it angel or human. 

      Now for some Honorable Mentions:

This can't be over!

           1. Alex/Claire drama in the locker room: In the Pilot Claire swore that she wouldn't allow her father to force her into an arranged marriage but things change. I think Alex expected Claire to drop William when he came back so unexpectedly but time apart gave Claire time to grow and gain perspective. Riesen won't make changes so it's up to Claire to put her money where her mouth is and make those changes herself. It was still a very heart breaking moment where I wanted to cry. Not just because Alex and Claire broke up but because they were both in deep mourning over Bixby like parents. The only real family the cute little V-1 ever had.

A guy's worst nightmare: 2 of his exes in the same room

           2. Noma & Claire have different views on wedding plans: I honestly don't believe that Noma was trying to be condescending or mean to Claire when they were talking about the wedding. Noma was just trying to be nice but I could see Claire strain to keep a pleasant smile and air. I could kind of sense the awkwardness between them since they're both in love with Alex (although Claire may not know that Noma is Alex's ex-girlfriend and that she was a rebound). It's every guy's worst nightmare really: 2 girls you've slept with in the same room.

I take David's surprise visits with a grain of salt
along with lemon juice in an open wound

           3. David's gift comes with a price: I take a visit from David with a grain of salt. He tries to pull Claire in with a nice gesture, giving her his wife's necklace, but then starts talking about kicking Riesen out of office. Seriously? David can't wait? It only makes you wonder once Lord Riesen was off the throne how David would get Claire out of the way so he could control William as a puppet. But we know Claire's smart and resourceful. She won't accept David's agenda without a fight.

Once again Alex goes off half cocked with Noma to talk him down

I wish I had a gay friend with a locker of lifted merchandise

           4. Noma asks Ethan for fashion tips/ Noma talks Alex down: Every girl has that gay friend to consult fashion with. Noma goes to Ethan for some lipstick and Ethan just hands her one that "goes with her eyes." Then I laugh when she just tosses it right back when she sees Alex (the guy she wants to wear lipstick for). 

Uh-Oh, bad mistress!

          5. Clementine leaves Claire a gift: I just love how we're seeing a more frantic, eccentric Clementine. Before she was cool, sexy and reserved but her desperation made her make irrational decisions. Yet I think of it as karma for Riesen. We see Riesen go from love to hate when Claire is put in danger. The whispering voice added to Clementine's own made her scary then she scaled down the wall with an animalistic growl. 

I got this, Riesen.

          6. Riesen asks Michael a personal favor: Michael admires Riesen but even he was confused by the general's request to "take care" of his problem. "But you said you loved her". Did he Michael? I see this scene as a more projection sequence where both Michael and Riesen have forbidden romances. Michael felt that he should save Clementine for Riesen because his own romance with Becca fell apart but unfortunately Michael ended up having a sobering moment where sometimes love doesn't conquer all. I suppose Michael has learned that humans are even more complicated especially when it comes to love. 

So Claire was a rebound? Oooooooo

          7. Alex & Noma dig up old drama: We already knew there was something between Alex and Noma. This scene just confirms that they used to date. Although the gender line in the military is non-existent there is still no fraternizing allowed. Hey if you shower naked together and bond in battle eventually you're going to have feelings for some one. But we also learn that Claire was a rebound! Hope she never finds that out! I thought it was sweet that Alex said that nothing was more important to him than a person he loves not even the Corps.

Hate to break up the band, even though it's
Yoko's band

          8. Becca disbands the harem: It's called "don't kiss and tell" not "Kiss then tell the whole world". I couldn't help but be amused by one of the women who was confused as to why they had to leave. Because you blabbed, bitch! Man! As much as I'm sure these ladies would have loved to tell everyone how amazing the Archangel Michael is in bed some secrets are better kept between the sheets. Love that this took place in a spa setting. Some people keep asking "why do there have to be naked people?" I answer, "Hey sometimes people are naked" and I don't think this scene would have been as interesting in an office. 

He won't miss this I'm sure...

          9. Ethan gets the good liquor:  Why has no one caught Ethan stealing or notice their stuff has been missing? Ethan is just that good and never misses a chance to lift a valuable item. While Claire snooped around for some leverage Ethan was taking some of Whele's best liquor. I couldn't help but crack up!

Those sapphire eyes went to Annabelle's creepy doll's eyes

          10. Riesen Family Portrait: We kinda guessed that Clementine was Claire's mom but the picture was a nice confirmation as well as shocking. The ending music box tune of "Beautiful Dreamer" was creepy sending a slight chill through my bones as we see those smiling sapphire blue eyes. Great ending!

Come on! One last romp for old time sake!

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