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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Messengers: Metamorphosis

Nothing ever bad happens in the woods... right?

                    Very late with this one. I'll try to be more on the ball with tonight's episode. The Devil didn't make much of an appearance in "Metamorphosis" but he has great timing, showing up at just the right moment to cause trouble. And remember that old saying "Looks are deceiving"? That's true in more ways than one.

She has many faces

     Two-Faced Angel

           We meet our 7th angel of the Apocalypse, Koa, a con artist and thief who's accounts have been drained by Abaddon. Turns out this hacker is bankrupting the insurance company that cheated his mother out of healthcare. While the cause is noble, more innocent people are going to get hurt. Of course Koa doesn't care about anyone else. We get into her back story a little. She's been conning ever since she was in pig tails, running a few scams with her dad until one sore loser took a shot at him leaving Koa an orphan. Needless to say Koa isn't a trusting person or a team player (unless there's something in it for her). 

Teen heart throbs

         Rose and Raul haven't clashed much but on this they butted heads. Raul down right didn't trust Koa. Being that he's the only one reading her mind I don't blame him. Rose believed they should give Koa a chance and reasoned that Raul didn't give our chameleon a real chance. While she has proven herself useful, I agreed with Raul that Koa wasn't going to start playing nice even if she got her money back. As soon as Koa found out who was behind Abaddon she flew the coop. Probably should have told her not to talk to dark handsome men with accents, Rose. The Man came with his usual promise of help. If Koa's not playing with the Messengers I doubt she'll play ball with the Devil but as I've said, she'll make a deal with the guy if it'll help her achieve her goal. Koa taking a drive with the Devil was only one of the curve balls that night.

Erin's the sweetest of them all
which is why she's most likely to die first....

     Angel's Anatomy

           Erin's gift of healing comes with a price. Surprise! Turns out the nose bleeds and that growing bruise on Erin's chest was the cause of her using her healing powers. Just when Raul and Erin were giving into their feelings for each other, Erin's weak heart had to give out. Leaving those ladies breathless I see, Raul. But this is a huge problem. If Erin's condition worsens then the Messengers are down a angel and a very valuable one at that! What would happen to Amy if her mother dies? Would Raul take her? Technically Ronnie would get custody but Raul's no stranger to breaking the law. And how will the doctors try and save Erin? I have a hard time believing the writers would kill Erin off so quickly so we'll have to see what they come up with.

Army plays hide n seek hard core

      Nature Walk

              Something bad always happens in the woods. Especially if the government has a secret base hidden in there with a deadly weapon that could wipe out humanity. I felt like Alan was feeling like he's been taking a trip further down the rabbit hole after Vera came out with her angel abilities. I know I'm not the only one who knows that Alan has a crush on Vera. We've all used that "let's huddle for warmth" trick to sneak a cuddle. Don't think Vera's feeling it though. Anyway our Horsewoman of War is making sure every detail of her plan for the Apocalypse goes on without a hitch. Vera spirit walks into the facility and arrives just in time to catch the name of the project and see the Senator "clean" the base of any loose ends. Cold! Rose didn't want Vera to tell Alan about their mission or abilities but sorry Rose we can't listen to you all the time. Maybe having Alan help is a good thing. He's a friend and we've seen he'll do anything for Vera. Quick note: Nadia and Peter are so adorable together!

Um I have to tell you something...

             Next episode will be a nail biter as the Messengers will be divided in more ways than one. Erin will be rushed to the emergency room and Koa will be tempted by The Devil. I can't resist the temptation! 

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