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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Messengers: Path to Paradise Review

Crashing a funeral. Why couldn't it have been a wedding?

               I always say that the third episode is the best because the third episode really hooks me and something happens that changes the whole story. Something new in the that you have to see through: having a crater with a man's imprint in it in a government facility is a pretty tantalizing hook! Also that rock making things bloom or turn to dust. Let's talk about "Path To Paradise". 

I prefer his dark sexy brown eyes

      Guns, Drug Lords, & Explosions!

             Raul's entire story line felt like it was right out of an action movie... minus the happy ending. Turns out Raul and his brother Cezare were drug dealers, Raul was sleeping with his brother's wife, and in exchange for becoming an under cover agent Raul and Cezare's criminal records would be wiped clean. So Raul's no saint but he has some nobility. Wish he used that nobility to help his fellow angels. It's hard to judge Raul too harshly for choosing family over the Stop Armageddon mission. However, he left himself wide open for Satan to play him like a fiddle. Raul was so consumed with saving his brother that he failed in the end because he allowed the Devil to take advantage. And when Raul was at his lowest, he sees The Man walking through fire and realizes his horrible mistake. He just told the Devil everything about his Messenger buddies so now the Devil has some leverage over them. Don't worry, Raul, the Devil is a slippery character, anyone would have been fooled. Raul came back repentant, really broken up over his brother and his own betrayal of the Messengers. I wanted to give him a hug! Or Erin should have given him a healing hug. 

Where did they get those scarves?

     Off to the Races!

             Raul was MIA along with Vera who (even after she saw their wings in the mirror) refuses to get on the train to the Apocalypse. So the mission is left with Josh, Rose, Peter, and Erin along with her little helper, Amy. Wasn't surprised that Josh was bubbling with excitement and curiosity over their gifts though he wished he had something better than visions. Hey I would choose being the Rosetta Stone over having seizures. Putting their heads together they managed to pick out 2 possible Horsemen. Thankfully they had a teenager who's pretty savvy with Googling.

Shaking hands with Satan

       Raul would have come in handy but he was busy being an action hero. Josh was all gun ho especially at the funeral. I can't tell if it's his insecurities and anger with his father that's causing this eagerness or if it's his Evangelist instincts. Probably a little of both. Plus side on the "Who's the Horseman", even the Devil has no idea. He may have been smiling while shaking hands but he was just as clueless. Let the race begin!

No your soul has to jump out of your body THEN
you can go through stuff

         Believing is Seeing

                We finally got to see Vera's gift! Her gift is her soul can travel outside her body, going through walls, and no one can see or hear her. Unfortunately her body needs to watched because it's basically a corpse until she jumps back in. Not only that but we meet Vera' baby daddy whom she thought was a self centered ass but turned out he dumped her to spare her the painful burden of his Huntington's Disease. And guess what? It's hereditary. So Michael may or may not have it in which case if Vera finds him she has that to worry about added to the burden on whether or not to tell Leo about their son. 

Anyone would love to be called Raul's girlfriend!

        On top of that, their rock was stolen by some government spook. The rock does some interesting trick. Surrounded by good energy, things blossom and grow, but surround it with bad energy then everything around it rots into dust. Good Intentions= Pretty flowers; Bad Intentions= Rotten apples. So the government does have a role in all of this but how? Do they know what they're dealing with? Given the name Project Genesis I doubt it can be good. Sounds bad. End of the world bad!  

No husbands (or ex-lovers) at the strip club!

          Some closing points: Vera is finally a believer (or just a curious scientist), Raul is back with the team, and Peter has been picked up by the Po-Po! Never follow a mysterious, beautiful voice away from your friends. Just when they all get back together another one of their team is out of play... for now at least. How will the Messengers get Super Peter out of this mess? 
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