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Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Messengers: "Drums of War" Review

Raise a glass...

                     Sorry this is late but been reeling a bit from the CW's quick cancelation of The Messengers. It feels like it was axed before it was really out of the gate but the show must go on as we will see the rest of the season. 

Still not entirely on board are you?

      Horseman, Horseman, who's the Horseman?

             This time Vera helps her fellow Messengers since they're down an angel but still manages to put a  damper on everyone's spirits with her skepticism. Rose basically tells Vera to "screw off" with all of her science. So the Messengers spilt up for strategic reasons this time: Raul, Erin, and Vera go to the summit, Joshua goes to his sister to try and sort out his vision, and Rose goes to try and help get Peter out of prison. Let's start with Peter's not so fun time in Oz (you know the one I mean)...

Sorry I'm the Hulk angel, the one you're looking for
is Rose Stone...

   Prison Break...

            The Devil is everywhere! He can get in anywhere too but I feel it's more because of his roguish grin and sexy accent. If Satan's you're attorney it's either a good thing or a bad thing, but in this case it's a really bad thing as Satan tries to keep Peter in prison. We get more into Peter's background this episode and he's your typical teenager with angst and emotional issues. But more than that we see Peter has felt unwanted and alone for most of his life. Every time he finds someone to connect with it falls a part and he's alone again. The Devil pushed Peter to contemplate suicide. Given what Peter was facing I don't blame him. Thankfully Rose made Peter realize that he wasn't alone and he won't be abandoned this time; all he needs to do is be willing to fight for it. Peter managed to control his anger against another bully (who pretended not to be able to speak English until he was begging for his life) and walk away. 

Super flirty road trip. Eyes on the road, Raul!

    HorseMan Roulette...

       Erin and Raul were super flirty this episode. It's obvious there's something between them but whether or not they'll act on those feelings is unclear. They're both not in a great place right now to start anything romantic. Vera had to deal with a stalker all day: her work colleague and friend, Alan. Vera seems to me a very independent person, not willing to let anyone help her easily. Yet if she could manage working with complete strangers she can allow a long time friend into her heart by sharing something personal. Vera finally told Alan that she had a son and now Alan can be a better asset for the Messengers. Back to finding the Horseman though...

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I can't read your mind
at the moment so fill me in..."

         Probably my favorite part of the Devil in "Drums of War" was in the elevator with the Senator's aide. Diogo Morgado is fantastic as the Devil. I loved it when the aide claimed that the Devil wasn't the first evil monster he faced in Washington. Satan's response: "And they all work for me." Ambiguous but sounds about right. In the elevator Diogo's Devil was cynical, snarky but also had no concept of personal space and despite his casual air, Satan is a cold son of a bitch that has no patience for those who hesitate. The perfect devil!

If anyone needed to relax it's Bible Thumper

     Make Amends

           Joshua had to sort out his visions. Needless to say out of the Messengers, Joshua is the one with daddy issues. Also he had a drug problem. ("Retreat" is code for "Rehab".) However, instead of going to daddy, Joshua decided to reconnect with his estranged gay sister who happens to be a shrink. I thought this was really touching. It shows that Joshua isn't prejudice, just a bit of a coward when it comes to arguing with his domineering father when it comes to these subjects. Yet Joshua is showing real courage and feels it's time to stop caring what his father thinks and as a result Joshua was able to dig deeper into his vision just in time. 

Maybe she should be getting a restraining order

     Coming Together

           The Messengers managed to come together and stop an assassination but failed to stop the Senator from becoming the Horseman of War. Bright side they did save the Prime Minister and stop a war. Peter is on the road to becoming more emotionally healthy and mature. He even contacts his foster parents to tell them as much. Peter isn't the only one repairing bridges, Raul sets up a little memorial for Nadia's father. Seems like Nadia is starting to forgive her uncle a bit though I worry about that blog she's working on. 

Sorry your dad died... wanna watch cartoons?

         Some final thoughts, who the hell is that homeless lady and why does she have all of that information on the Messengers (don't have to wonder how entirely given that she can get most of these items out of trash)? And is she keeping score? For now it seems that the Messengers are tied with Satan but who knows how long that will last.  


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