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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Flash Finale

He's got that look in his eye! You know what that means...

                 Tears! Still processing The Flash season finale and even seeing pictures of Barry crying moves me to tears. It was certainly an emotional roller coaster. We also got teases of The CW's new DC spin off Legends of Tomorrow. So next year (as it comes out in 2016) we'll be given a back door Pilot or a Pilot. For now let's talk about the best moments of The Flash season 1 finale.

If I had a name like "Eobard" I'd be a psycho too...

You, Crazy. And what kind of name is Eobard?

           To start off, Barry's narration was much sadder than usual. Before it exuded with confidence but it went down a note. It was a solemn occasion. Barry comes face to face with his mother's killer and Thawne is a sociopath of the first order. He hates the future Barry but loves the Barry he has met now and has worked with. Eobard went so far as to say he looked at him like a son but Barry wasn't buying it. For me it was an episode where Barry dealt with 3 of his fathers: Henry (biological), Joe (surrogate), and Eobard (changed him and nurtured his gift). They all had a hand in shaping Barry into the man he is today and they all had something to say about whether or not he should go back in time and save his mother. Barry grappled with this decision all day.

Come on! The outside is so much more roomier!

He's been on the inside for too long

        My favorite scenes are when Barry visits his dad, Henry in prison. Their conversations always resonate and evoke great emotion. Surprisingly Henry didn't want Barry to go back and change events even though it would have meant that he would get out of prison and be with his family. Henry is one proud father and despite what happened he wouldn't change a thing if it meant Barry would be different. Either way it appears Barry becomes the Flash but I see his point. I was ready to cry at this point because of the look on Barry's face but that comes later...

Barry you're breaking my heart here.
Knock it off!

Stop giving me the feels!

          Barry's surrogate father, Joe West had a different opinion. Joe was there for all of Barry's terrors so it would make sense for him to want Barry to change the course of history if it meant he could be a happy kid. As always Joe wants to protect his kids no matter the consequences which is pretty noble though so far it's gotten him in trouble. However, Joe was too good of a dad. Once more obstacles presented themselves (a black hole consuming the universe) Barry wondered if it was worth the risk and even more so would it be worth giving up his second father. But Joe affirmed that no matter what happened, Barry would never lose Joe.  

Come on, you can tell your future spouse anything...

And they're not together why?

           Iris didn't give Barry much of an answer though. You think it would be awkward talking to your future spouse knowing they may become your future spouse but surprisingly it wasn't. Iris and Barry are friends first and foremost. Even I have to admit that she gave Barry some sage advice. Nevertheless I wish it was more than just hugs and forehead kisses between them. I never liked Iris with Eddie. Something just didn't fit and just when I was about to cheer that they were broken up for good, Dr. Stein comes in and lifts Eddie's spirits with that "choosing his own destiny" stuff. Damn it, Stein! So Eddie comes bearing Chinese Food and he and Iris get back together. But that reunion was short lived...

I come bearing Chinese Food. Screw destiny

Hold on. Dr. Evil says what now?

Thank god we don't live in Mystic Falls or Westeros.
This would have turned into a Red Wedding

           Some minor points to discuss before I hit home on the finale's biggest, most heartbreaking moment. For one we got a wedding! And unlike TVD there wasn't a massacre (because they're not in Mystic Falls). Cisco has super powers! Don't know exactly how they work, Eobard said Cisco feels the vibes of the universe whatever that means. I don't speak sociopath. Eobard had a lot of nerve though: "I'm so sorry. Not for killing you I'm sure I had a good reason." Wow he gets the "Worst Boss of the Year" mug for sure. For most of the episode Eobard was as cool as a serial killer. He tried to convince everyone that he was trying to help them, reminding them of all the times they worked together to save Central City. You don't get points for putting out the fire if you're the one who started it, Eobard. 

Use the Speed Force, Barry!

The future IS bleak if there are no cows!

        Didn't matter because in the end, Eobard went crazy with rage after Barry decided not to change the time line. Figures. Then we got some clips from the future episode about the Legends of Tomorrow where when Barry was harnessing the Speed Force (thank God for Cisco who made a Star Wars joke was waiting for that) he saw parts of his future including Killer Frost. 

I will not cry. I will not cry. I will... not... oh man
here come the tears

Oh god stop crying, Barry, you're making ME cry!

        Now onto the part that still makes me shed tears just thinking about it. Barry goes back in time to the night his mother was murdered. He came face to face with his future self who was wearing a much brighter red than Barry and his future self motioned for him not to change anything. Despite Barry's desire to save his mother and father from their fates, Barry decides to let the tragedy happen. Instead of saving his mother, Barry decides to get closure instead by saying goodbye to his mom and give her comfort as she lay dying. It was a very painful moment.   Grant Gustin gets major points as he exhibits full emotional range, giving us the depth of Barry's sorrow and agony. 

Destiny is a bitch

"I've been controlling your life for so long, how will you get along
without me?"
Pretty well I imagine

Barry keeps rolling with those punches

         Barry has the heart of a true hero as he gives up the thing he wants most to do the right thing and not let a criminal get away. He comes out of the wormhole and delivers a great blow to Eobard in every sense of the word. Then someone else makes the ultimate sacrifice: Eddie kills himself so that Eobard is erased from existence. Well that's one way to get rid of a rival. Yet despite their rivalry over Iris, Eddie and Barry had a pretty civil relationship full of understanding and being that Barry has a big heart you can bet he'll mourn Eddie genuinely. 

To Infinity...

...and beyond! At least it wasn't any Superman phrases

          Of course it's not going to be a peaceful cliff hanger. The black hole reopens and starts sucking in everything. The fate of the universe now hangs in the balance. We see Hawk Girl and Captain Cold looking into the void, which introduces us to some members of Legends of Tomorrow. How are they going to introduce White Canary? Hoping we get the details into how Sara is resurrected. Also how will they get Ray to the city if he's facing a size issue at the moment? We'll get answers next season. In the mean time you can stream episodes on Hulu, download them from Amazon for only $1.99, or wait a month for Netflix. Go and binge!

He gets a museum!?

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