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Monday, February 2, 2015

TVD: Will Kai Have A Personality Change?

Most guys wouldn't tie up their dates but Kai hasn't
been on the dating scene since the 90s
             Is it me or has "merge" become the new "doppelgänger"? But still we don't fully understand what it really means to "merge". Luckily, Liv and Luke's dad cleared a few things up... a little. When the twins merge and the strongest wins, the surviving twin doesn't just absorb the other's power they absorb the other's entire being; their soul. The twin will take on some of the personality traits of their now dead sibling. So it makes me wonder... will Kai experience some personality change?

Night, night...

        Kai is no doubt a blood thirsty, sadistic, sociopathic all around Crazy Pants with little if any redeeming qualities. Though we do know that deep down he's really lonely and he doesn't want to show it. He figures if the world sees him as a monster then that's what he'll be. However there were also rumors that he would start pursuing a love interest: Elena Gilbert. I don't know about you but there was that moment when Kai carved his initial into Elena's face. A moment of pure interest not just for sadistic purposes but a genuine moment of what I don't really know. He did wipe the blood off her cheek and while that doesn't really mean anything it does show that he's kind of interested in Elena. He's been locked up a long time. But Elena wouldn't go for someone like Kai (unless he was reformed like Damon). However...

Kai's been out of the dating game a while so
he doesn't know how to ask a girl out

        Kai merged with Luke. Luke has a lot of redeemable qualities. He's sweet and noble with the ability to love others and want to be loved. He cared for his sisters, Liv and Jo enough to take on Kai single handedly. He lost but Kai now has some of his good traits. Kai could find that he has more empathy now than he did previously. Elena has a huge amount of empathy (which is why she goes crazy when she loses someone she loves) so where before she failed to elicit any kindness from Kai she could now get to him on a more emotional level. Kai may want to connect with someone. He'll probably try and get Elena's attention or even Jo's. He did say he was fond of Jo though he was bent on killing her. 

So... there's an age difference here wouldn't that make
them NOT twins anymore?

       Don't get me wrong, Kai will still be an evil jerk but now we may have more sympathy for him once he starts showing more emotional vulnerability. So still expect some blood and mayhem but also some desire to connect with other people; finding a family that loves him (like Klaus did). 

He just wants to be loved

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