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Monday, February 2, 2015

Dominion: Deleted Scenes I Wish Made It In

Don't cry, Michael! You'll make ME cry!

                    Everyday inches us closer to Season 2! Also I need to get a Blu Ray player so I can enjoy the extended episodes of Dominion's season 1 finale, however, I did manage to catch some Deleted Scenes from a friend. Some I wish made it into the episodes because they were really good and got deeper into the story! There were a couple scenes that you could call extended scenes because we all saw them but they just had a few extra seconds of different angles. Now I'm gonna share with you some of my faves. 

Lemons? Really?

           1.) The Best Cure for a Hangover is... ("Godspeed" Deleted Scene): This scene was pretty cute. You know you always have that one friend at the party who passes out by the toilet with an empty whiskey bottle. Well Alex was that friend. Ethan and Noma struggle to get Alex to his feet to get him ready for his shift while arguing the best way to sober him up. Everyone has a strange hangover cure though Ethan's method with lemons under each arm seems pretty outrageous. Alex owes Noma a scotch. 

I bet you Ethan can charm you another scotch

          This scene was really funny. Ethan always has something to say that makes me smile. We get a wealth of scenes with Noma, Ethan and Alex interacting, seeing their close bond of friendship and family through out the season so I'm not that peeved that this scene didn't make it in. To me this seems more like a filler scene. 

Pass that bottle

       2.) Hello, Misery, here's your company ("Broken Places" Deleted Scene): Claire is peeved that Becca didn't tell her about her own father's heart disease. Doctor/ Patient confidentiality, Claire, sorry. So Claire let's it go. Instead they talk a little about Becca and about Claire's impending marriage. Becca didn't want the job as senator and there are plenty of times when she regrets taking the seat but then she remembers all the good she's done for the city. One of those good things was Vega's vaccine campaign. So Vega's health care would suck without Becca's influence in the Senate. Claire still doesn't think marrying William is necessary. Yes, everyone loves Claire. She's a symbol of hope but Becca believes what Riesen believes that Claire wouldn't be able to stand against the ambitious David Whele. 

We may need another bottle

         Claire and Becca didn't get many scenes together with just them during the first season. Although we know from the actors' interviews and the characters' interactions with each other that Becca was Claire's friend. We learn a little more about Becca in this scene too. In fact she never wanted the job as Senator and that she had a boyfriend named Henry who asked her to marry him. Obviously she said no, but it brings up the question when exactly did Becca get involved with Michael? Did they get together after she broke up with Henry or was there already something going on between them before her break up? Becca is a big sister to Claire but also since Claire grew up without a mother she's taken that maternal role as well. I feel that Becca helped push Claire into accepting the engagement although we don't see it in the actual episode. Becca despises Whele and knows that he would crush Claire so a marriage is the best way she could think of that could protect the future Lady of the City.

Let's girl chat a bit

           3.) Bad Influences Bear Delicious Fruits ("The Flood" Deleted Scene): Arika and Noma walk around Vega's market place and pick up some of Louis's delicious produce. Arika is so informal which catches Noma off guard a little. She's not used to be treated like an equal thanks to Vega's oppressive caste system. It's clear that Arika is trying to poach Noma's services. Was it me or did Noma seem intrigued just a little at Arika's offer? 

"Consider me a bad influence."

          There was a scene with Arika and Noma in David's house where Arika is more "probing" into Noma. Trying to see where her weaknesses are. I feel that was to give us a hint that there was more to Noma than meets the eye and that was true. Noma turned out to be a higher angel. This scene seemed more relaxed. Less tension. Arika talks about her sister and how she used to sneak up behind her and pull her hair to drive her crazy. Seriously was that chick in the box her real sister or did her sister already die a long time ago. The best lies have a grain of truth. So we've all established that Arika can seduce without even being obvious. 

"We're all dying, my dear." Unless you're immortal

          4.) Riesen's Pretend Playhouse ("Something Borrowed" Deleted Scene): I'm not sure where in the beginning this scene would have gone but it was a pretty interesting one and would have given us a deeper understanding into Riesen and 8-Ball Clementine's relationship. Riesen tells Clementine that he has a heart condition (NOW he tells? After all their extracurricular activities???). Of course Clementine is worried now, losing her friskiness. Way to kill the mood, Riesen. She's forced to confront the terrifying future. But as usual Riesen doesn't want to talk about it. He doesn't see this as a big deal and wants to forget he ever said anything. I loved Clementine's answer to that: "We do a lot of pretending here, don't we?" Yes they do...

Sorry, but I have a headache...

       This scene gives us a clearer image into Riesen's messed up relationship with his 8-Ball mistress. Riesen seems to show patterns of ambiguity where he has one rule for others but another for himself. He's less a politician and more a soldier suffering from PTSD; holding onto the past so desperately that he's blind to the consequences. We learned that the 8-Ball was really Claire's mother and Riesen didn't want to let the love of his life go so he created this fantasy where he could still have his wife. But he deprived Claire of a mother making this not only unnatural but also unfair to her. I understand though. His main goal in life was to protect his daughter, which is why he keeps certain things from her. It's frustrating as well as understandable. Though for Clementine this dream is breaking a part. She's faced with the cold hard reality that Riesen is only mortal and unlike her has grown old and will die one day. When Riesen's gone what will she do? She can't really go anywhere. Her kind wouldn't take her back and any human would kill her on sight. So of course she's going to act irrationally despite Riesen's promises of making a contingency plan. Not like he can leave her anything in a will.

Daddy come home!

          5.) Are You There, God? It's Me, Michael ("Beware Those Closest To You" Deleted Scene): I kinda really wish this scene made it in. Although it's not as powerful as Alex walking into Gabriel's Aerie cut with his voice over reading his letter to his unborn child. Still it's a tear jerker all the same. Michael is once again in pain and really needs his Dad to make it all better. He's lost with no idea what to do next. He pleads for his Father to come home but he hears only silence. Then Michael turns away, filled with sorrow and walks on. 

On the road again...

        Alone on a beach with the roar of the waves and wind blowing through your hair enforces the loneliness and total feel of abandonment in this deleted scene. Michael started out cool like his Father leaving didn't affect him that strongly because he believed that He would return. However, Michael didn't expect to find Louis in his ex-lover's lab cut up like a frog in science class, then kill said lover and a few others in a rage. I feel this is a scene we can all relate to in some way. Michael feels lost, looking for some guidance as to what to do next but the one person you need most isn't around to help. 

Never drink alone otherwise people will say you're a
pathetic drunk.
          Deleted scenes don't make it in because there's a certain amount of time allowed each episode. You have to remember that there are commercials to consider; so you only have 42-45 minutes to tell your story. And also there's the significance of the scene like does it fit in with what you envision or does it have any real effect to the story or will it affect the audience in any way? I encourage people to actually buy the DVD or Blu Ray sets to see the deleted scenes to up profits which increases our chances of getting renewed for a season 3. 

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