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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Constantine: Manny Is Human-ish For a Day

You think it's so easy Manny? Just you wait...

                      Still no word from NBC on renewal or cancelation. Don't stress about that pesky Cancelation Bear though. To get your minds off of such frustrations, let's talk about the up and coming episode where John Constantine forces Manny to be more hands on in the war against the Rising Darkness. So far Manny's shown himself (like all angels) above the messy, chaotic life of being a human to the point of scoffing or just plain looking down his nose at us (you know like a celestial robot), BUT recently we've seen that he's also very curious about life on earth. In the promo John uses a gruesome spell to get Manny on the physical plain.

Stop being such a robot!

           I think there was one occasion in Hellblazers where John gets a succubus to seduce the Archangel Gabriel then in the middle of their sex romp rips out his heart. Then Gabriel is banished from heaven by God because of this but John holds onto the Archangel's heart so he could control him. Feel free to correct me, any Hellblazer fans. So this seems a bit similar to that. In "Blessed are the Damned" Manny expressed curiosity about the feeling of pain and about the feeling of the sun. Angels don't seem to get out much. The Earth was made for humans so angels pretty much stay on the side lines. But that doesn't mean Manny or any of the other angels aren't grumbling about it. Manny wants to feel the sun on his face and the wind on his skin but he's a good soldier. Or is he...

Like hell, bitch!

          The more time you spend with someone the more they start to have an effect on you. Manny was pretty straight laced and disciplined when we first met him but since then he's been stepping a few inches too close to that line of interfering, which is forbidden. Angels are meant to guide not give direct influence to change events. But Manny broke that role once when he ripped out Imogene's heart. He said he'll face consequences for that. In the promo we see that Manny will be faced with a few temptations, one of them being sex. He obviously has never seen Grey's Anatomy. 

Stop berating and help!

           It's easy to see that Manny is different from other angels and like Cas from Supernatural he may choose to break a few more rules in order to help John save the world. But also he'll most likely be punished severely for it. He thinks angels would have done better with this world; we'll have to see how Manny handles the physical world and all its temptations. Maybe it'll give him perspective into the human condition.

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