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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The 100: Mother vs Daughter

Is he contagious?

                    As the alliance between the Grounders and the Sky People continues there is still some great amount of tension. Most of that tension can be seen between Clarke and her mother Abby who is the Chancellor. Last week's episode sees Abby backing down from Clarke.

"They listen to you."~Abby
"Because Lexa told them to."~Clarke

           We can all see both sides of this conflict. For one thing Abby may be Chancellor but the only person the Grounders want to deal with is Clarke. No matter how hard Abby tries to insinuate herself or try to jump in to the conversation, none of her words hold any weight for Indra or Lexa. One of the reasons I can think of is Clarke was the first Sky Person they've come face to face with and who has basically proven herself a leader or because she took it upon herself to be the 100's voice. Another reason is for Grounders it's not uncommon that children under the age of 17 can be warriors or lead. Lexa herself seems to be around Clarke's age and the Grounders obey her (to some extent). Lastly is Clarke has proven herself not only as a warrior but as a leader, especially in Lexa's eyes. We can all see that Lexa respects Clarke enough to be honest and insists that Clarke be in on the war meetings to plan strategy and not Abby who is the elected (technically anyway...) official of the Sky People. 

Can't we all just get along?

         Yet I can also understand Abby's side. She still thinks of Clarke as her child, her baby and that's hard to let go for a mother. Abby feels like she failed Clarke first with her father then with sending her down to the ground where there was 100% chance that she would die either from radiation or from something in the new dangerous environment. So she's trying extra hard to protect Clarke. On some occasions Abby backed Clarke up but last episode she and her daughter really struggled to find common ground. Clarke displayed ruthlessness, which the Grounders respect, while Abby still advocates mercy, which the Grounders perceive as weakness. Abby has the right philosophy but the wrong way of doing it. She's forcing her opinions less tactfully which may do more harm to the alliance than good. 

Clarke & Lexa just made Mount Weather's most wanted

        Kane is behind Clarke all the way. He sees that the remaining of the 100 can help bridge the gap. He also isn't forcing his ideologies on the Grounders. We saw how he almost made it across the aisle before Indra shot his hand away. Yet Indra took on Octavia as her second, her apprentice, which is some progress. Of course Kane is till into using deceit in trying to understand the Grounders, asking Octavia to basically spy on them. If Indra finds out that Kane even asked it could set the alliance back a few steps. She hates the Sky People enough as it is and Kane's covert tacts won't help.

"You may be Chancellor, but I'M in charge." BURN!

       Last week's episode made it clear that Abby might be Chancellor but Clarke is in charge. Clarke is basically the unofficial Chancellor so Abby's going to have to deal with that and stop treating Clarke like a child. The Grounders have shown more respect (or their version) to the 100 than to the new arrivals. They have been proven as warriors or they learned the first rule of being on the ground: fight or die. We know from our history that warring factions have a tenuous peace especially when one party makes a home next to local tribe. But we also know that inevitably these two factions will come together, adopting some of the others language, absorbing traditions and also interbreeding. It's already happened. At the burning of Finn's body with his victims Clarke surprised the Grounders by using their farewell saying: "Your fight is over" in their language while Lexa continues to use English when negotiating. Abby may step down from office and let Clarke take over or she could try and ruin the whole thing but either way the Grounders know who has the power in the Sky People camp. 
So we turn left at which tree again?
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