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Sunday, February 8, 2015

OUAT: Who Is The Mysterious Author?

Fitting title. Or just call it the History of the Enchanted Forest

                    To be honest I'm curious as to who the Author is. Personally I think it's psychotic that Regina believes if she wasn't portrayed as the Evil Queen and even after all the good she's done that she's still a villain. Now Rumple believes the same thing and that finding the Author of Henry's book to make him (or her) write them their happy ending will solve everything. I doubt that but who is the mystery Author?

This is psychotic, Regina even for you

How long has been an apprentice? You'd think he'd
be a master by now...

         My first instinct is to name the enigmatic warlock known only as The Sorcerer. From what little we know he seems to have some gift of prophecy. He foretold that Emma would be born and that the Snow Queen would meet her one day. The Sorcerer seems to live in another dimension and prefers to be left alone. His only link to the real world is his apprentice, who is now trapped in the magical hat. The Sorcerer could be forced to get his apprentice back if he's not as cold hearted as we may think. So the Sorcerer may make an appearance in order to get his apprentice back. Or maybe the Apprentice is the Sorcerer!? BOOM! Mind blown! But there's also another theory...

Let's be friends! Forget that I'm a total liar

       It may seem like a stretch but Lilith, a friend from Emma's past, could be the mystery author. I personally found Lilith annoying because she was whining about how she hated her home though she's very lucky to have found a family that loved and wanted her enough to go look for her when she ran away. But I suppose that would make her perfect for being the next antagonist for the second half of the season. Lilith also has a star shaped birth mark on her wrist and I don't know about you but that seems significant. She could have run away again then found a portal to a magical realm that was her original home and wrote the book in order to see Emma again. Like I said it feels like a stretch but I've learned from watching this show that the most unexpected events could happen that may seem unimportant then but when you see all sides of the story it makes it more complex and shocking. 

See it records the past not control the future.

        If they find the Author would making them write Regina a happy ending work? Doubtful. The Fairytale Book doesn't paint pictures of black and white archetypes. It seems more like it's a recording of history so people in the book can right their wrongs and change for the better. Villains don't get happy endings because they take short cuts or they keep making the same mistakes over and over again, which is the very definition of insanity. I have more hope for Regina than I do for Rumple to be honest but she has to believe that she's not a villain any more in order to get a real happy ending. Hell the Author could already be in Storybrooke. How else would that page of Regina and Robin Hood have gotten into Robin's hands? Someone must have put it in his backpack. But who???

Your happy ending is up to you not to some Author

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