Monday, August 3, 2015

Dark Matter: Who Erased Their Memories?

All are suspect until proven guilty.

             Little by little we're getting to know the back grounds of each of our amnesia afflicted characters: 3 is a bounty hunter who turned his life around (a little), 4 is a disgraced prince, 5 is a space urchin, 6 is an ex-rebel, and 1 is a former CEO seeking revenge for the death of his wife which 3 may be responsible for. It was discovered that one of them intentionally wiped the others' memories but accidentally wiped their own as well. Based on what we know let's see who's the likely candidate.

We all knew they were going to do the dirty eventually

       It could be 1. He has the best motive. What better way to subdue your enemy than to wipe his or her memory to make them vulnerable? Even more so to make the witnesses forgetful as well so they don't catch up with you? Afterwards 1 could return to his original face and the witnesses would be on a wild goose chase after the real Jase Corso. 1 went to extremes to get on the Rasa. He was most likely the one that tipped off the police about Jase Corso so he could con his way onto the ship. Even in 5's trip down memory lane, "Corso" didn't seem the criminal type. The original Corso is a sociopath. But then again a memory wipe doesn't seem like 1's style. He went to great lengths to get to 3 for what he may have done to his wife. Revenge wouldn't seem as satisfying if the guy doesn't remember the crime against you. 

Is she a fan girl? She looks like a fan girl...

      5 could be a candidate. 3 was about to eject her into space but somehow 5 talked her way out of it or 3 had a change of heart because we now know he's not a total tool. Wiping all of their memories would allow for her to blend in but I suppose I would need more information because I still don't know why she was put in the pod along with the rest.

Oooo what's in the box?

Hey, long time no see

      Then it could be 6 or 4. But I don't see the point in doing so. Both have scores to settle. 4 has a family feud and 6 has some boss to get back at for making him accomplice to murdering innocent people. Those are big grudges and neither 4 or 6 seem the type to let those rest so they wouldn't care about these other bounty hunters or what they knew about their real agendas. 

It's hard to concentrate with a gun pointed at my head

       3 is a possible suspect. He had a stowaway on the ship. He could have had a plan to erase the other crew's memories in order to help his girlfriend to find a cure for her disease or get her a better treatment. But he seems the type who likes the direct approach. Memory wipe seems too smart or subtle for him.

We hit the bag but we don't hit people... unless they piss us off

       Which brings me to 2. She is by far the most secretive even for a person with memory loss. Using memory wipe seems like her style. She's subtle and likes to play it close to the vest. She got up in everyone's business for keeping secrets when she's the one keeping a very big one. Hypocritical, defensive, and not much for conversation whether it's sharing her plans or her feelings. My money is on 2. 

You're definitely hiding something... they all are!

       I don't know which one of these guys did the memory wipe but it still could be any one of them. I have stronger suspicions towards 2 but I could be wrong. That's what's fun about this show. With everyone having amnesia it makes the mystery all the more exciting. 

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