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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dark Matter: 2's Healing Powers

2 doesn't go down gently

             I have a theory about why 2's wound healed so quickly. It's probably what everyone's thinking but I wanted to put it out there along with another theory that I have. 

I hope that zombie had all its shots

         Theory 1 is pretty straight forward: the immortality drug worked. Perhaps there was a new mutation and now 2's cells regenerate at an inhuman pace, which will stop her aging and stop her from getting sick. But I feel that's too obvious an answer. 

She enjoys kicking pigs' asses, buddy

         My second theory? This is a pre-existing condition. 2 had this strange ability before her memories were wiped. Android said that the infection was no where in her system. Seems impossible that not one trace of this failed serum was left in 2's body. Also it's a one in a billion chance that for some reason the immortality serum could have worked on 2. Those are unbelievable odds so unbelievable that not even science fiction could support that theory. We still don't know much about 2's old life as Portia. Why did she turn to a life of crime? Was she part of a government program or a corporation program that went wrong? Something to do with cell generation. 

There's more to be revealed about 2

        That seems the most logical explanation though you never what answers you're going to get here. Despite the fact that 2 was jettisoned out an air lock vent I doubt we've seen the last of her. It would be premature to just kill her off before the season 1 finale. I feel like we'll see her when we least expect it which will be how her secret will come out. 
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