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Friday, August 21, 2015

Dominion: Hot Topics

If I had to choose between electrocution and listening to
Julian bitch all day I'd choose to be fried

           There was so much I loved about "Lay Thee Before Kings" that there wasn't one part that didn't blow my mind. So many heart-rending moments, some that will have devastating consequences in the coming episodes. I couldn't do just one blog for any of them so I'm going to talk about the major hot points that hit me hard.

The worst gifts come from above

    Not Without My Brother

           Gabriel and Michael's scenes are always my favorites. They're so organic, rich with emotion. There's conflict but there's an obvious love between the Archangel brothers. Carl Beukes and Tom Wisdom have really settled on that dynamic making us all laugh and cry with each passionate outburst or encounter in general. Watching Gabriel make a sacrifice so that Michael could escape and save Alex (even when Gabriel himself still didn't believe in him as the Savior) was really stirring. 

This was a shocking turn of events

        Gabriel pushed Michael out the door to give him his best chance and because he feels he still has a job to do: killing Julian. I hope he succeeds (however I love Simon Scott Merrells and his charismatic character, Julian so I'm a bit torn on this one). If Lyrae manages to possess Gabriel perhaps Alex could evict the higher angel then because Gabriel would definitely want Lyrae gone.

I'm sure your aim will improve, kiddo

    Carry On My Wayward Son

         Every flash back is a treat! It's fun to see who our angel characters used to be and how they came to be the characters we know and love now. Not gonna lie it's weird to see Gabriel so decent and kind when interacting with humans. Seeing him play "dad" to his own Chosen One made me happy which made the tragic end all the more sad when Gabriel broke down crying as he held David's lifeless body. I actually started crying a bit. I don't cry often (if at all I'm a stoic person broken down by a bipolar mother and a case of mild depression) so it says a lot about the writing of a show if you can provoke such an emotional response from me. 

This was the straw that broke the Archangel's back

     Anyway this event gives way to Gabriel losing his faith in humanity leading to his first human killing spree. This gave us an understanding at what point the brothers began to sort of switch natures and a deeper view into Gabriel's violent anger towards mankind. For a while Michael and Gabriel were on the same page but losing a child that he raised, cared for and loved broke something in Gabriel. It's not just his daddy issues that have warped him but much more loss and heart break in the past. 

I can't look at this without getting choked up. Seriously
*sniff* Not the baby!!!!!

    Hell to Pay

          Hate to say it but I kinda felt like Claire was going to miscarry the baby at some point. But that didn't make the blow any less hard (and I was praying I was wrong). The clue for me was when Claire was first bent over in pain in the War Room. Close call but killing the baby then would have just felt like a little too much. The second clue was... hate to be a pessimist but when Claire was setting up the nursery. It felt like the perfect set up for a dark ending. 

Don't hit our Queen and her sexy genius!

       Having Claire just sitting in a room while listening to a voice over, her playing back the conversation, was just enough to set me reeling a little bit. I know Zoe had nothing to do with the attack but I'm not sure Claire will listen to reason. Like with Gabriel, losing a child can make you lose all sense of reason. The V1s are in for hell as I've seen in promotional pictures for episode 8 where Zoe's lying scraped and bleeding on the ground after a fiery explosion. Claire may be out for some vengeance and I suggest Zoe find the man behind the whole thing and hand him (David of course) over quick before Claire does something we'll all regret later. 

I set you on FIRE!

     The Original Burning Man

             He had such a short appearance but I think we've found the Prophet of Mallory. Is he an angel? Is he human at all? Maybe he's nephilim! So many questions pop into mind by just that one scene. Why is it only Noma can see him? I've been wondering what if not all the higher angels came to Earth (because maybe he's a higher angel). Though it begs the question that if God's gone are the gates of Heaven closed? Otherwise why would so many higher angels be on Earth (some for Gabriel others being neutral)? Like I said. So. Many. Questions! Hope we find out a little more next episode and if not fingers crossed for season 3! The Noma and Alex scenes in the super market were very nice too. Great comic relief mixed with horror. The kiss was very sweet. Looks like some old romantic feelings are bubbling back to the surface. And wings or no, Noma is still Noma and Alex will make sure to remind her of that.

An old general just can't die in peace

    Ace of Hearts

          One last thing, Julian is devious! One of the reasons why next to Gabriel he's my favorite character. Riesen was all set to die with his secrets but Julian comes with an ace up his sleeve. He brings in "Clementine"! Amy Bailey won't make an appearance again but I feel like this new girl will do nicely. I feel like Riesen's 8ball is suffering from a major identity crisis. Remember what Noma and Arika said, 8balls have this strange desire for the objects of the person they're possessing, the life they stole. That should include people shouldn't it? 

Please don't doom the human race for some 8ball tail

      Edward Riesen and Claire were more valuable to the human Clementine than jewels, gold, or a uniform. It would make sense for the 8ball Clementine to attach herself to the General and Claire. Personally this just proves to me just how strong someone's love can be that it can tame a savage beast like an 8ball! But is Riesen the kind of guy who would put lives in danger to satisfy his heart's desires? Events in the previous season say: Yes. Hope I'm wrong though. So far season 2 has been unpredictable which I prefer as it keeps the story all the more exciting!

Lips of a Savior

       So many questions and consequences from this episode and next episode we see some shocking yet familiar faces reemerge from the shadow. William's back in the flesh this time with some interesting scars that I'm sure have an interesting story behind them.
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