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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dominion: New Delphi's Dark Secret

Do me a solid and get me the key to Pandora's Box...

           Like Mallory, New Delphi seems to be hiding a few dark secrets. "The Narrow Gate" revealed that Julian is really possessed by the higher angel Lyrae. But what's the deal with the other 8balls in the underground fortress and what is Julian's plan?

For stealing my cookies I banish you to the lowest sphere...
      The Fallen

             We've seen what happens to a higher angel when they lose grace. They're stripped of their bodies then are demoted to the lower sphere of angels. Being that the New Delphi 8balls are more well behaved and appear more human-like than the others they could have once been higher angels. Maybe they fell during the first rebellion against heaven. The 8balls we already know are bonkers because they never had a physical form before which means they like to take their new bodies beyond their limits while a higher angel already knows the joys of being corporeal so no need to go bananas over it. But then what's the deal with the 8balls in the New Delphi Asylum/Prison? 

Here the inmates are running the asylum

    The Asylum 

               When we flashed back to Sodom and Gomorrah we saw that Michael and Gabriel had plagues in a jar. Darkness, Madness, Blindness, and blood to drown the survivors. I remember seeing the eyeless corpses, some 8balls covered in sores and they seemed crazier than usual; I mean yeah they're deranged and wild but this felt different. They hated the light which could have been the Darkness or Blindness plague (sensitive eyes maybe?). Julian could have used this as a test site for his weapons or those 8balls could have been higher angels that refused to follow him so he punished them. 

There's always 1 eyeless corpse 


          So what's Julian's goal? Is he just wading out the war upstairs or does he have his own plans for world domination? To me Julian/Lyrae seems like he just wants to survive and if that means killing a few high and mighty yet ornery Archangels with one of God's wrathful plagues then so be it. We'll see more next episode!

Slowly the pieces of the puzzle are coming together

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