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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dominion: New Alliances to Last?

Uh Oh what did Alex & Noma find out now?

                 Last episode we've seen some new alliances form but will any of them last past the next episode? 

David wants to join the "Destroy Claire Riesen Club"!

     David + The V1s

Zoe looks trapped. David is more than likely responsible

           We all know that David will do anything to get back on top and that he has no intention of abolishing the oppressive V-system but does Zoe know that? I feel like Zoe is smart enough to know that David is a snake but she's also the type to let anger cloud her judgment. Otherwise she would have seen that Claire is intent on reform and helping the V1s and would stop making things difficult for her. It would be better if Zoe allied with Claire to help her better understand the V1s and their poor living conditions. I guarantee that once David gets what he wants he'll drop Zoe like a hot potato and keep the V-system exactly the way it is. That is if he doesn't have Zoe killed first...

Raise your hand if you think Gates is a suspicious character

         Also am I the only one who suspects that Gates is undermining Claire and that he's helping the V1 rebels? He's supposed to be the smartest guy in the city but Zoe alludes him? Something doesn't feel right.

By the way our sister's dead

    Michael + Gabriel

             This is a more complicated relationship given that they're brothers. Michael and Gabriel have a love/hate brother dynamic where they're always on the opposing side but they still love each other. This means they'll come together only to fall apart immediately after one betrays the other or at the earliest disagreement. Gabriel seems determined to skin Alex alive in hopes of decoding the tattoos himself (though we know if Uriel, a scary genius, couldn't do it then he certainly won't). Michael is determined to get Alex out of New Delphi and to try again to guide him (if Alex lets him that is). So let's just hope Michael gets to Alex first before Gabriel...

I bet you Gabriel will think that gun is cute

   Alex + Julian

          Julian seems to be an unpredictable character bent on going to extreme lengths to protect his secrets as well as his new home. He and Alex are agreed on defeating Gabriel but Julian may not stop at one Archangel. Also Julian has proven to be untrustworthy when it comes to sharing his methods of attack or defense. We already lost Pete after Alex discovered a few of New Delphi's dark secrets. I shudder to think who else we'll lose if Alex finds out something else. After seeing a few promos I saw that Michael gets captured. I feel like the alliance will depend on Alex's reaction to that. True that Alex is still pissed at Michael for what happened in Vega but Alex isn't the punishing kind. I feel like as soon as Michael is in real danger by Julian the alliance will dissolve. 

Old Man's gotta gun!

      All it takes is one wrong move, one betrayal for a partnership to crumble. All of these alliances are marriages of convenience which seem tenuous and could shatter at any moment. If any of them last past 1 or 2 episodes I'll be surprised. 

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