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Friday, July 10, 2015

Dominion Season 2: Heirs of Salvation Review

Okay all the characters that matter are alive
               I'm still riding last night's Dominion Season 2 premiere high! Very little that I didn't love about this episode! Loved the new wardrobes as well as how the characters felt naturally developed despite us not seeing the course over the last few months. And Roxanne's intro was very eloquent, quick and to the point. Now let's review...

Alex is gonna nail Gabriel. That sounded dirtier than I intended...

     How to Make Enemies & Alienate Saviors

         Time jump a few months ahead in Gabriel's Aerie, Alex and Gabriel are having what feels like their 1,000th tiff. Alex's tattoos had taken a vow of silence ever since he came to the snowy mountains. Though called God's Calm One, Gabriel is losing his patience. It's a testament to Alex that he's so difficult that he can even piss off the calmest Archangel (though leading a genocide doesn't seem like something a calm person would do). I really loved this scene. It was so full of tension and snark from both parties. That candle smiley face was a perfect touch! Alex didn't take crap from Michael (and he liked him... sometimes) so you can bet he's definitely not taking any crap from Gabriel with his daddy issues. But it's more than that. Alex finally understands his importance in the grand scheme of things so he's going to be more resolute and stubborn which may or may not work in his favor in the future.

They blow up my Man Cave I burn down their city

          Then came the boom! Claire bombed Gabriel's evil club house which fortunately Alex survived but unfortunately Gabriel did as well. And it seems we're down a red angel. Sorry, Furiad. Though I feel that it had to happen at some point and during a bombing seemed to be the perfect time and place. Alex saw his own opportunity to kill Gabriel once and for all but for some reason Noma stopped him. To be fair there was every chance that another bomb would drop or the surviving higher angels would grab them. But now all bets are off! Gabriel is determined to burn the world to the ground (starting with Vega) and to skin Alex alive. Destroy a guy's Man Cave and he'll do evil things like that. Though I have to wonder that if Gabriel skins Alex wouldn't the tattoos disappear? It's pretty clear that God only trusts Alex (a human) to read the tattoos which is why only Alex can read them (though half the time he's just guessing). 

Claire is HBIC: Head Bitch In Charge!

     New Boss. Not the same as the Old Boss

             Claire is now Lady of the City which means she wears the crown and makes sure that everyone including David knows that. David seemed a bit surprised at Claire's fortitude. Before he figured he would mold her to his will ruling Vega through her. He even reprimanded her like she was a child (well that's the vibe I got) but Claire didn't blink once. However, we know Claire's not made of stone. She realizes that she may have killed the man she loved who's also the father of her baby so she unburdens her conflicted heart to the only other strong woman in the city: Arika of Helena. Claire's search for a mother-figure continues with Becca gone, Arika kind of takes her place giving Claire advice but she's not like Becca where she's cautious and takes the defensive position. Arika likes to take the offensive. We may expect some Shakespearian scenes ahead where Arika is concerned. 

When Arika smiles she's done something devious

        But can Claire really trust Arika? In season 1 Arika had a plan with Uriel to kidnap Claire then take her to Helena to lure Alex away from Gabriel and Michael to solve the mystery of the tattoos themselves. Since Katrine Candole won't be here this season (of which I'm a bit bummed) Uriel's MIA, not sure if she's dead or alive. Producer Vaun Wilmott promises that if there's a season 3 (which a I sincerely hope so!!!!) then Uriel could return. I may hold you to that, Vaun. For now Arika seems to be on Claire's side. Without Uriel she kind of has to cling to the Lady of the City; regroup until she finds better options. 

He's got that Archangel swagger

      Are You There, God, It's Me, Michael Pt. 2

             Hello, Michael! That bathing in the ocean scene was a nice surprise. Didn't expect that so thank you! Moving on, Michael has become a wandering samurai or just a boat without a specific destination in mind, letting any wind blow him in any direction. He's still haunted by dreams of killing his ex-lover (who was dissecting angels behind his back but homicide was extreme). Then he comes to some quaint little town in Alabama that seems untouched by war. Outside of Mallory are a bunch of 8balls lurking in the hills muttering homicidal nothings. Michael ignores them. I kind of expected that because Michael doesn't really have a reason to kill them. For one they're not attacking (which is odd) and another he may still be struggling with which side he's on at the moment. 

So. Many. Candles. I hope they have an extinguisher

        Curious about Mallory, Michael saunters into town with his usual swagger but the residents are less than welcoming. So much for that good old Southern hospitality. Laurel (played by Olivia Mace) is the only friendly face that greets Michael. Romance brewing? Probably not. Michael's not looking for romance at the moment only some answers. And he got some. Sort of. Laurel explains that God spoke to them that as long as they kept that bonfire burning then He would protect the town from danger. So far it's working. Also God relayed to the people of Mallory about the Chosen One how he could either save both humans and angels or destroy them all. (Wait God moved to Alabama? Figures.) I kind of felt that was God's plan to bring both humans and angels together in peace. Maybe that's one of the reasons He left: Angels were bitching about humans and humans... well you know. I can see Laurel becoming Michael's solace. Not romantically but more spiritually. 

Now that's a warrior pose! Take that Yogis!

       Probably the best fight scene was Michael fighting in the rain, cutting up some 8balls alongside the people of Mallory. Don't know who sent the rain to put out that fire but Michael absolutely brought the thunder! It seems like that fire does the trick. As soon as it was lit, those 8balls caught fire and ran away like lightning. A very emotional scene, Michael wanders into Mallory's church, blood on his face looking up at the heavens asking "Father? Are you here?". Maybe He is. Will he reach out to Michael or stay silent like He's been doing this whole series confounding all of His children?

He'll bring the tattoos & she'll bring the big guns

     Honey, Where We're Going We'll Need An Army

          I'm most excited about seeing more of Dominion's post-Apocalyptic landscape. Alex and his trusted Wing Woman, Noma are going on a road trip. Their destination? New Delphi! Though Noma isn't too thrilled about it. She said Michael warned her to stay away from New Delphi. Alex believes it's because New Delphi has an army. Not sure that's the reason... We see later that there may be something more sinister in New Delphi that has Michael nervous. And if Michael's nervous then we all should be too. Noma even gave Michael a wing-ring, which he promptly ignored, despite Alex's refusal to involve the Archangel. Completely understandable seeing as how they left things. Michael used to be the pillar of all things right and good then that image was shattered so Alex feels like he needs to rely on himself this time. But enough about that! 

I swear I didn't see him. He was jay walking!

      Alex and Noma enter a scene that feels right out of a zombie horror movie. An abandoned school where we see flashes of the first attack angels made on humans. That writing on the chalk board survived though: "Do not let it in..." Creepy! Down right terrifying! And it was all for tape. And just when you think they got away, they find an unexpected passenger. We meet Pete (played by Luke Tyler) and he's Alex's first successful eviction where the host lives (longer than 2 minutes)! So Alex and Noma have gained a new companion that could be the key to more successful evictions. Alex's new tattoo seems to help make the eviction stronger (and apparently he's speaking in Latin or Enochian I'm not sure to do these evictions). He may need that because it looks like New Delphi's dark secret is training 8balls to be their soldiers. How they managed that we'll see next week!

David's twisted morality will get him into trouble

     Ghost in the Machine

            David is literally a cut throat politician. He plans to take Vega right out from under Claire. Anthony Head was top form. He plays his character perfectly where I hate the guy but still I find myself feeling sorry for him. David is the Republican to Claire's Democrat as he undermines her policy in trying to get rid of the oppressive V-system. When Claire authorizes lower Vs to occupy better levels what does he do? He burns it. (Starting to think David's a pyro given how he got rid of the Black Acolytes.) Yet David may not be all there... He seems to be haunted.

I'm an hallucination so I can look disheveled and brooding

         Hello, William. We didn't see you there lurking in the shadows. William doesn't hesitate to criticize and caution his ambitious father but David argues that he has nothing but the best intentions for Vega. Really? You still believe that, David? William hasn't been the only delusional guy in the Whele family. Though William didn't see dead people... Close to the end of the episode we saw William's fatal head wound then after a sour note on his father "cowardice" he dematerializes into thin air leaving David alone and a bit misty eyed. Is William dead? I will say Luke Allen-Gale was also at his best. In season 1 he was a clean cut duality of darkness and light having a bright, compassionate demeanor with a wicked devil lurking beneath. Now ghost-William is more I suppose you can say brutally honest. No longer delusional but clear on right and wrong. He may be that pesky fallen angel on David's shoulder this season.

New faces! New surprises! Well done!

       I had great expectations for this premiere and I can honestly say that they have been met then exceeded. I see that we'll have some tougher battles, unexpected alliances, and just be more intense and darker than season 1. I'm really looking forward to the rest of this season and hope to have a few more in the future!  

Let the melee begin...

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