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Friday, July 17, 2015

The Messengers: Harvest Review

We're 0-4 guys come on!

                   Only 2 episodes left until the series finale (I'm sad to say). This time the Devil caused some friction between the Messengers as they tried to figure out who the last Horseman was. 

Partner in crime with Satan. Sounds so cool & yet it isn't...

You all owe me big time!

      Devil's Advocate

           Satan forces himself into the group by black mailing our preacher man. Since the Devil resurrected him, he has the final say on where Joshua gets to spend eternity after he dies. Pretty unfair given how Joshua is risking his life to try and stop a bunch of psychotic Horseman. But those are the rules. And for a guy who can't interfere, the Devil was pretty helpful in sneaking into a locked office and password protected computer. You have to admit that Satan was a good partner in crime. However, Joshua was more focused on getting some information. As it turns out Smart Rain will cause famine to anyone not using Plowman seeds. Big surprise!

"I'm picking up good vibrations..."

         So Vera got out of that car without any supernatural help, just blind luck. But then she ends up in the hands of the two Horsemen, War and Pestilence (is wearing black a requirement when you turn evil? Just asking). We've already discovered that good intentions give the meteor good vibes that lead to fruit while evil intentions lead to disaster! In other words it's a bitch/dick detector. That would come in handy on blind dates (just saying). Of course Vera does a lot of protesting on helping the evil team but once presented with a bloody Alan, Vera becomes mute then extracts the unknown element without any explosions. Yet Vera was able to bask in those good vibrations the element was sending her way.

Erin is too good at deceiving men with her looks

    Road to Hell Paved with Good Intentions

          Horseman. Horseman. Who's the Horseman of Famine? We had two brothers who were both possible candidates but instead of taking a gamble Koa and Raul figured it was better to just kill them both. How very un-angel of you guys! Though I'm sure some people in the audience had the same thoughts. Killing both brothers would have ended the Apocalypse but wouldn't that make the Messengers no better than the Horsemen and just prove humanity isn't worth saving? It makes you think doesn't it? 

Come on, Raul, you don't owe the Devil this!

         Raul is really tested in this episode. He has this internal struggle where his instinct to kill because who is really innocent anyway? The charges against Raul were dropped (thank Satan) and we know he was innocent of the charges but he was willing to throw it all away again. Morality and instinct to survive always clash. It's for the greater good but evil is still evil no matter what your reason. Erin said as much to Raul, saving him from staining his soul any further. 

Sibling rivalry FTW!

    Mark of Cain & Abel

           Brother vs brother. A concept as old as time. I have to say I was shocked to see the little brother, Mark, become the Horseman and that the seal was about sibling rivalry and not corporate corruption. What a twist! Mark seemed so docile and mild, showing Erin pictures of his kids and feeling nostalgic for the good old days where the business was all about family. 

It's always the quiet ones isn't it

        But then again it makes perfect sense as it parallels with the Cain and Abel story: Two sons. One was more favored over the other who no matter how hard he tried just couldn't measure up to the other brother. God favored Abel's sacrifice over Cain's (Cain & Abel were also farmers go figure!) which threw Cain into a rage. So Cain kills Abel in jealousy and spite. Though we can sympathize with Mark because his brother was being a jerk. Still doesn't justify murder. And just when Satan thought he could have at least 1 Horseman on his side, Famine shrugs him off. Was it me or did the Devil seem impressed (while also being put out) with Rose's ingenuity? He's 0 for 4 now. 

Peter is unforgettable
          Peter and Koa have very good chemistry. Peter is the plucky little brother that can make Koa smile when she's feeling low and Koa is the supportive older sister. They had each other's backs this episode and when they were all licking their wounds from another lost battle, Peter managed to cheer Koa up by telling her that she may forget everything else but she should remember that she has a brother to look out for her. Awwww!

Yeah you're so old you still think THAT's a thing

       So the whole evil plan is coming together folks! Rose and her band of miserable (opposite of merry of course) Horsemen plan to start the Apocalypse by raining (literally) on everyone's parade. But there may be hope as the 7th Messenger has revealed himself and his power is... lightning? Bad ass!   

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