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Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Favorite TV Brothers

                      Everyone has family issues but nothing seems to compare to the love/hate relationship between brothers. It's so Biblical! Also widely entertaining which is why I want to point out my favorite brothers on the small screen. 

Pudding is way better than cookies!

1. Michael (Tom Wisdom) & Gabriel (Carl Beukes) from Dominion

Gabriel is quite the art lover...

          They're the yin to each other's yang.  They never seem to sync up despite the fact that they're twins. It used to be that Michael was the loose cannon and Gabriel had to be the one to reign him in. Now Gabriel has snapped and the reverse is true leading to an all out war. They are on opposite sides but we see in small moments that there is still this bond between them. Gabriel has shown that he has a deep love for his brother and hates to see Michael in pain especially when he's the cause (though he believes he's doing this for all the right reasons). I mean when Furiad stabbed Michael in the gut, Gabriel retaliated. No one lays a sword on Michael except Gabriel. Then when he crushed Michael's romanticized vision of the humans, Gabriel appeared to be genuinely sad. And Michael chose to have clandestine meetings with Gabriel trying to talk some sense into him. Even when Gabriel was locked in a cage there seemed to be no real hard feeling between the Archangels. I don't know if that was because they were both confident in their plans or what but it felt natural for them as if they were in the open air. 

Who's playing who in this eternal game of cat & mouse?

            Michael and Gabriel are two sons who interpret their father's will differently which is the source of their tension. Gabriel believes that exterminating the human race will bring God back while Michael believes the opposite. Personally I agree with Michael though who knows what God ever wants? He speaks in riddles. I have no doubt that Michael and Gabriel will meet again and it'll turn into a talk or a battlefield... or both!

Two men I wouldn't mind being caught in the middle of

2. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) & Elijah (Daniel Gillies) Mikaelson from The Originals

Elijah threatens to give Klaus a century's worth of head nuggies

         These 2 were as different as day and night. Klaus was the black sheep of the family, tyrannical, paranoid, and full of wrath often merciless in his punishments. Elijah was the rock, the stability of the family, always neat and clean, courteous and noble. Elijah refused to give up on finding Klaus's humanity and Klaus would always take advantage of that after daggering his older brother time and again. But then Klaus became a father and it changed him.

You forgot to bring him a shirt! Not that I mind

        Where they were once day and night it seems Elijah and Klaus are more similar like twilight or dusk; different but some qualities that make them somewhat indistinguishable from each other. Elijah turns out to be not the noble vampire that he thought he was but also a monster lurking in the shadows and Klaus has learned restraint as well as gained the ability to forgive without using violence as retaliation. There are still times where Elijah has to reign in Klaus but now Klaus can be seen to do the same for Elijah. Both give each other speeches of encouragement and they remain each other's confidant. When it comes down to it these two would die for each other, always and forever.

Who wants a scary ghost story?

3. Sam (Jared Padalecki) & Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester from Supernatural

"Red vines are not good candy, Dean!"

           These brothers are the definition of dysfunctional. Sam was the rebellious younger son and Dean the dutiful one and they clashed on more than one occasion but they also came together on more too. Sam was more reasonable, merciful with a world view while Dean was all shoot first, ask questions never. But as time went on, their father dying, losing the women they loved, Sam and Dean clung to each other as they were the constant in each other's lives and now they can't imagine life without each other. They've both been to hell and back heavily scarred. 

Poor Dean is caught in the middle

       They've developed a severe co-dependency on each other though when Dean went to Purgatory and came back to find Sam had moved on with his life, he was pretty hurt that Sam didn't bother to try and find him a way out or when Sam came back from hell and didn't give Dean a call. More than anything despite his rough, wise cracking exterior Dean is very vulnerable; he has a horrible fear of abandonment where Sam has always wanted to distance himself from their dark, harrowing lives.

That's it, boys, hug it out!

           Throughout the 10 seasons we've seen Sam and Dean fight, make up, fight, break up then make up and die together only to rise from the grave. They keep telling each other that if one of them died for the other to move on but we all know they won't because one way or another they find their way back to each other. They've become so in tune that they pick up on what the other isn't saying and do everything in their power to rescue their brother from the inferno. Like I said, they seem to have a severe co-dependency issue but who wouldn't want a brother who would die for you or move the universe to get you back home?

Another pair I wouldn't mind getting stuck between

4. Stefan (Paul Wesley) & Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) from The Vampire Diaries

Stefan has jipped on the last 5 rounds

         Hello, Brother and oh brother talk about baggage. Like Michael and Gabriel, Stefan and Damon Salvatore were the yin to each other's yang. They seemed to have switched personalities over time when Stefan was the uncontrollable ripper and Damon the more reserved and level headed. They displayed a love/hate relationship where Damon promised Stefan eternal misery though there were moments where he tried to repair the damage. He did a poor job of course perhaps he wasn't trying hard enough. There was that time in New Olreans during the 1940s where Stefan wanted Damon to go to war with him but Lexi stopped Damon and he watched as disappointed Stefan went off to fight in Europe. These brothers would hurt each other emotionally and sometimes physically with their mind games. Damon killed Zach, their nephew, and Stefan killed Damon's fake girlfriend. But they forgive each other every time.

They'll walk through fire for each other

         After Damon fell in love with Elena he became a better brother. Damon and Stefan became united in their desire to protect Elena and when it seemed like that love would tear them apart again, they somehow found a way to bury the hatchet. Damon is trying his best to be a better person and a better brother. Stefan is Damon's only family and he will do anything to save him. It may have taken them a long time to get there or maybe they've always been there, but Damon seems determined to make his relationship with Stefan a better one and they'll be the stronger for it.

Put down those guns and give us a hug!

5. Miles Matheson (Billy Burke) and Sebastian "Bass" Monroe (David Lyons) from Revolution

Hey, buddy, something you wanna talk about?

        The show may have been cancelled but the brotherhood of Miles and Bass is eternal. Miles and Monroe are not blood related but they have been through enough for their bond to be just as strong if not stronger. It's clear that like Sam and Dean Winchester, Miles and Bass are every bit as dysfunctional. It's unfair to say which one of them had to be the level headed one and which one was the extreme because they performed both roles for each other. Bass lost his family in a tragic accident and was ready to end it all but Miles got Bass to throw away the gun. Then Miles was very militant during the first years of the Blackout and Bass had to be the reasonable voice in his head. Down the road they fell apart and so Bass became the extreme and it seemed that the best thing was for Miles to kill Bass to save the Republic but when it came time to pull the trigger he froze. When Miles left there was no one to reign Bass's crazy in so Bass went rabid. 

No one puts Baby in a corner especially drunk and with a loaded gun

          In season 2 Bass proved himself to be very toxic for Miles. The guy was spiraling in his self loathing and misery. Bass was so terrified of being alone or left behind that he tried to drive a wedge between Miles and Rachel (though it turns out that Bass may have also wanted Rachel). Most of the time Monroe just whined and complained how Rachel was destroying Miles but luckily Miles knew his "brother" long enough to know he was just being a jealous child. Miles gained enough strength to tell Bass as much that he didn't need him (though through out the season both Bass and Miles kept saying they needed the other to fight the war) which must have hurt Bass really bad but when Tom was ready to blow Miles's head off, Bass stepped in with a gun to Tom's head. In the end, Miles forgave Bass for everything and gave him another chance and Bass came through. In terms of closing character arcs, Bass and Miles are back on good terms and even if they fell out and swore to kill each other we know they wouldn't. They both had the chance and decided not to pull the trigger. For better or for worse these two are brothers to the very end.

How many chances should Ragnar give Rollo?

6. Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) & Rollo (Clive Standen) Lothbrok from Vikings 

Rollo puts himself at Ragnar's mercy

       Ragnar and Rollo remind me a lot of Cain and Abel. Ragnar is the younger brother but favored by not only his parents but also by the gods while Rollo feels under appreciated and forsaken. In season 1, Rollo doesn't hide his jealousy, making passes at Lagertha and scheming behind Ragnar's back. Thing is Ragnar seems to notice but he doesn't do anything about it. When Rollo goes into battle against Ragnar and is put on trial, Ragnar goes out of his way to save his older brother's life. Why? Love and Rollo has proven in battle that he has Ragnar's back even when he's acting like a jerk and his envy for Ragnar is at a high. 

Shield Wall!

      Ragnar is not an idiot. He did punish Rollo for his betrayal and while he loved him, Ragnar questioned if he should ever trust him again. While Ragnar was away, Rollo held down the fort protecting Ragnar's family. They really came together in season 2 where Rollo became even more loyal to Ragnar. Wherever Ragnar went, Rollo went also.

My beard is better than your beard, Rollo

          However, now it seems after Siggy died, Rollo is once again showing his jealousy and hatred for Ragnar's success while he is once again forsaken by the gods but the seer hinted that the gods had bigger plans for Rollo. A bear (by interpretation I assume that's Rollo) marries a princess which spells some bad news for Ragnar... maybe. So the rivalry between Ragnar and Rollo continues. 

Can we have one day where no one ends up dead?
         Brothers are at constant war with each other followed by bouts of peace. They're so much alike and yet different at the same time which is probably the reason they fight a lot. But nothing seems to be stronger or able to break such a bond. As Rollo said, "Isn't that what brothers do? They love and hate each other all the time." 

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