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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dominion: The Anti-Bromance of Gabriel and Alex

"I am what I am. I own all my mistakes." Your history says otherwise

               Super excited that Dominion is filming and happy that 12 Monkeys was renewed for a season 2. But back to Dominion, Alex is going to have a new mentor after his other one... winged out. Very unfortunate since Alex and Michael had gotten close over the course of the season but now Alex is left with Gabriel as a teacher. I have to wonder what that relationship will be like.

Rule 1: Never question Michael

          First off, the bromance of Alex and Michael had a real rocky start. Right from the beginning you could feel the animosity between them though beneath that animosity there was still this begrudging respect for each other. To me it was like a strict parental figure trying to deal with a rebellious offspring but once they opened up some communication they formed quite a bond where they finally met on common ground. Michael turned out to be the other estranged father-figure that Alex never thought he had so it was really devastating for him to have to fight a man who was his protector, mentor, and family then see Michael snap and fly out of Vega. Now here comes Gabriel, a person Alex right from the beginning has seen as the enemy; the man who represented everything Alex was fighting against, saying that he can teach Alex some new tricks... 

Gabriel has the worst timing in giving any kind of news

         I definitely expect some passive aggressive, frosty behavior on Alex's part. He was basically blackmailed into becoming Gabriel's protege. Doubt this coolness will bother Gabriel much. He may try to coax some things out of the Chosen One but I doubt our evil Archangel's charm will be enough to put a spell on Alex. Alex is no William. Though sometimes when characters who are on opposite sides are forced to interact with each other on a daily basis some feelings of understanding tend to bloom between them. Alex may start to feel a certain sympathy for the twisted Gabriel who's really just a son tortured over his Father's sudden abandonment and that's something Alex can certainly relate to. I mean God didn't even leave Gabriel a letter of goodbye! And I'm sure Alex's compassion will fascinate and surprise Gabriel as it has Michael on occasion though if it starts to interfere with his plan Gabriel may not like it so much.

Come on, have a beer, stay and talk awhile

          Season 2 will start with a time jump either weeks or even a few months ahead. Uriel will probably have her plan in motion which will put Alex in a difficult position and Gabriel I'm sure will be surprised (as well as super peeved) to find that his sister was playing him like a fiddle. But one thing I can surmise is Alex may start to get fed up with being pulled and played with like a chess piece in the Archangels' disputes. Alex is in this to save everyone, humans and angels, and it may reach a point where he may have to stop dealing with Archangels altogether and start relying more on himself in trying to figure out the markings.    

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