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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Arrow: The Magic of Olicity

I'm just a vigilante standing in front of his tech support side kick
asking her to love me...
         I feel like we've been leading up to Felicity and Oliver ever since she became a part of team Arrow. It felt unexpected but at the same time it's probably one of the most popular of Oliver's ships with anyone. Oliver with Shado was more that he needed guidance and she was someone who saw his potential, then with Laurel it felt like it was going backwards (which suited the time because he just got back and he was trying to adjust), then there was the Huntress (someone he could maybe help because he saw himself in her), then there was Sarah (a woman he cared about then lost then found and someone who knew exactly what he was going through), but all of those relationships died because Oliver was stuck in this darkness seeing no light whatsoever. But then he met Felicity. Why is Felicity more important to Oliver than any of his past love interests?

It's Beauty & the Geek. Felicity sees the prince in this beast

          1. When Oliver got back to Starling City he couldn't trust anyone. He couldn't look at anyone without suspicion but then he met Felicity. He just felt like here was a real person. Not that she was pure because we know she's not but because she felt genuine. She was so bright and clear in his mind that Oliver even remembered the color of the pen she was chewing on when they first met (officially; since he saw her 5 years ago). 

Don't think because you're hot I'll back down, Oliver

         2. Felicity may ramble on at times when she's nervous but she's the bravest of them all. She'll call Oliver on his crap. When she was first working in the Arrow cave she had a few critiques about Oliver's aggressive offense. We all remember how intense he was. Felicity went so far as to lock down Oliver's man cave to keep him from going off fully cocked. Felicity's influence seemed to temper him over time. 

Smile, Ollie, it's the girl of your dreams

         3. Every time Oliver is feeling down Felicity somehow manages to make him smile. It doesn't matter how he's feeling, Oliver just finds himself comforted by either Felicity's humor, insight, or even by her presence. While he may push everyone away (or try to) Felicity goes right in and lifts his spirits.

Maybe if you kiss it his boo boo will feel better

           4. Felicity sees the good in Oliver even when he doesn't. She knows he's better than he thinks he is and that he's a good man deep down. It's just that Oliver has so many demons and he's turned into something completely unrecognizable from 5 years ago that he can't see any good in himself despite his desire to make things right. He wants to be redeemed but doesn't believe he's deserving. Felicity just calls that "poppycock"! 

Felicity's hugs are all the balm Oliver needs

          5. I feel like Oliver's other girlfriends were "damsels in distress"; to Oliver they were women he felt like he needed to rescue from their pain and inner darkness because for one he knew that pain and darkness and two, if he could save these women he could somehow redeem himself. Felicity never needed saving. You could actually say that she was saving Oliver. She dragged him out of the darkness and gave him hope. She's his light at the edge of the tunnel. 

"Ummm you can get up now..."
"No I'm fine here"

            6. Felicity is possibly the only woman in his life that he can truly rely on. We've covered that she's not afraid to confront Oliver on his crap and she has strived to be honest with him even when it's uncomfortable for her. She opened up to him about her problems with her own parents to put Oliver at ease. Even when they fight, all Oliver has to do is say "please" and Felicity will do whatever he asks; unlike Laurel, Sarah, and the Huntress. I'm not saying that makes them all unfit to be with Oliver, every woman has a right to do as she pleases. I'm just saying that in terms of teamwork, Felicity is able to push her own anger aside for the good of the team.  

"Don't ask me to say 'I don't love you'."

          I feel like Oliver has finally reached a point in his life where he's on the emotional mend where he's seeking out more healthy relationships, romantic or otherwise. That's part of why Felicity has become so essential to Oliver's life and why he's fallen in love with her. It seemed to hit him out of nowhere. When Felicity was with other guys, Oliver got annoyed and somewhat possessive because someone was taking part of Felicity's time away from him. He didn't understand it and it was confusing but now he understands it though that hasn't stopped him from messing it up lately. Hopefully he doesn't become the next dread Ra's Al ghul because that would be him diving back into eternal darkness so Felicity needs to break up with Ray immediately or lock Oliver in the Arrow cave before he walks away from the Hood and everyone he cares about forever!

"I trust you..."

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