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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dominion: Eviction Success Theories

Can Michael even read that book? Basically it's blank

                         Still have a while before Season 2 so to slake my thirst for Dominion I've decided to play around with theories. One theory is about the process of angel evictions. So far Alex has only been successful with evicting Gabriel from Louis but why were the others a failure?

That book has seen better days

               The origin of the eviction process goes back to one of the first prophets who wrote the Apocryphar (don't know if I'm spelling that right). The book contains the eviction needed to expel an angel. So I can assume that those prophets have had success or at least some success with evicting an angel without doing too much damage to the human host. But what are the factors that helped them?

Clementine Out

               My opinion is that if someone is possessed by a lower angel an eviction must be done as soon as possible. The longer the wait the harder it becomes to separate spirit from host. The angel seems to bond quickly with its host, making it easier to take full control and banish the human soul to some dark place. Clementine's case brought up some interesting questions about the relationship between host and angel. The angel was in control but Clementine was still conscious of events taking place. I think it came to a point where the angel and host merged identities making one indistinguishable from the other. It would explain why sometimes the 8-ball would call Claire her daughter. 


Ha ha ha-uh Uh Oh

        But as Michael said, spiritual matters have never been an exact science. They're more of an art so plenty of room for trial and error. But why was the eviction of Gabriel more successful? I think the time and the subject were factors. Gabriel wasn't in Louis for long and Louis is an angel, stronger than a human in keeping his identity separate and able to recover physically.  

Already Alex doesn't need the book. That's progress

        I can't wait for season 2 where we can find out more about evictions and what other things Alex can do. Evictions are definitely an interesting story line since angel possessions have been happening for thousands of years in the Dominion universe which changes the stakes a little and begs the question if Alex can evict angels then would that bring the war between angels and humans closer to an end?

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