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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Galavant: A Fairytale Musical Parody

Sit back and hear the tale of Galavant

                   If Monty Python's Spamalot had a one night stand with any Disney Movie the result would most likely be Galavant. I thought it would be ridiculous and silly, even the name Galavant is meant to cause instant images of absurdity; just not worth the watch but I was actually surprised when I streamed it on Hulu. It's because it was ridiculous and silly that it was funny. It's riddled with all the clichés of a fairytale but the jokes befitting a musical parody. It's a romantic comedy set in medieval times. 

More like food at first sight. Ewww

           The actors were all very well chosen. Timothy Omundson singing and dancing? Yes! Actor Joshua Sasse when asked to play the role of Galavant wanted to do a complete parody of the classic Prince Charming archetype. He didn't want to portray this perfect guy but more like really twist the image of the ideal hero and it came out fantastic. Underneath the bravado, Galavant has deep insecurities, some delusions grandeur, and an intense fear of getting his heart broken. 

Richard goes through chefs like I go through sunglasses:

         It's not just Galavant's Archetype that's been turned on its head, each actor has turned their classic character inside out to bring out all of their flaws making them polar opposites of the traditional (or boring) fairytale archetypes. The Hero's "True Love" is a total gold digging bitch, the Evil King is an infantile insecure maniac that I sometimes wanna hug (because I feel so bad for the guy), and the Princess is a tom boy who knows how to handle a sword. We can't forget some of the guest stars either: Weird Al, John Stamos, and Ricky Gervais all make this an entertaining romp to light up your Sunday.

Wow...this is awkward...

           I hear it's just a miniseries which is a good call although it could have also done well as a TV movie. Galavant has all the clichés of a fairytale plus a  romantic comedy with the heart and hilarity of a Disney Film. I highly recommend watching this show and see how long you can last without laughing or sighing. I can't stop watching it and the songs get stuck in my head.

We're gonna do it!


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