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Thursday, April 20, 2017

What Makes the Men of The Originals So Sexy?

  I've been asked: "Why do you like The Originals so much? What's so special about those guys?" Do you have a week or two? Mostly I want to stick with the second part of the question because it's what I've asked myself often enough. What makes the sexy men of The Originals so sexy?

1. Klaus Mikaelson

    He was the biggest bad of The Vampire Diaries but beneath the sadistic devil was a tortured individual. As we got to know the immortal hybrid we discovered that he's a romantic, an artist, a sensitive soul and can be fierce in his devotion to those closest to his heart. And then there's that evil smirk that makes any girl stop short. Add that to his being a father (every time I see him with Hope my ovaries vibrate) it seems like he's the dream.

    Being an artist, Klaus has a creative, passionate spirit combined with his violent upbringing in heart ache which he channels into his art. He has a difficult time conveying his hurt and pain in words but with art he has a lot to say. Art is one of his biggest seductive devices. It's how he got Hayley into bed (or at least helped), showed Caroline that he's not entirely evil, and used it to distract Aurora when he painted her portrait then walled it up in his home to symbolically bury her memory. Yet also like many great artists, Klaus has a mercurial temper, which has caused many a storm in his relationships whether romantic or platonic. Klaus has had many muses to inspire his work but his true love has always been his art. That includes those he's sculpted in his image... 

        For Marcel and Hope, Klaus has demonstrated being a devoted father-figure. He's not perfect but he's far better than Mikael. Klaus adores Hope and although he's clashed with Marcel he still views him as a son even if they aren't blood. When Elijah ripped Marcel's heart out Klaus was devastated. He has always viewed Marcel as one of them but Klaus has also displayed jealousy to see that not only had Marcel succeeded but surpassed him when it came to building a home. Fathers and sons see themselves as an image of the other so it definitely leads to conflict but ultimately Klaus cares for Marcel. They're fighting now but I don't believe Klaus would kill him. He hasn't killed his other siblings just packed them in boxes (which is his habit in dealing with relatives). 

The look in his eyes say it all

2. Elijah Mikaelson

     There's something about a man in a suit that's incredibly sexy to me. That combined with Elijah's peculiar yet elegant accent (whenever he would say "Katerina" I'd melt). He's refined in everything he does from the way he dresses to the way he talks and even to the way he adjusts his cufflinks or put on or take off his jacket. But it's not just the suit it's Elijah's manner: sophisticated, polite, chivalrous (to a fault) and always in control of his animal impulses but beneath the calm exterior you know there's a passionate fire burning inside. You see it in his gaze that always focuses on you and no one else; no matter his mood whether he's in a deep conversation or he's in love or in a rage those eyes will burn a hole in you. He can make a woman feel like she's the center of attention.

   However, we know that Elijah isn't always the perfect gentleman (which perhaps is also his appeal). Beneath the sophisticate is an animal. After the episode of The Red Door we discovered that he has a violent beast covered in blood deep inside which is why he always keeps a clean cut appearance and carries a handkerchief. He wanted to deny the beast within and though he's come to grips with it that hasn't overshadowed the gentleman he is. He's always been noble especially when it comes to romance. The most important thing for Elijah is the woman he loves to be happy even if it doesn't include him in her life. That makes Elijah a sort of tragic figure as even when a woman wants him to take the leap sometimes he doesn't make a move because his honor dictates he remain a love martyr. 

   Elijah is my favorite so I'm a bit biased but he has the making of a dominant in my BDSM fantasies as well as my vanilla fantasies (Ok I think I revealed a bit too much of myself here lol). I honestly can't imagine anyone else playing him as Daniel Gillies perfected this character over the years but when I first saw Elijah I was lovestruck! 

I love that smile. It's infectious

3. Marcel Gerard-Mikaelson

       You would think I would have Kol next but because he's always been a jerk (though still sexy) he'll go after Marcel but I also feel he deserves his place in third close behind Elijah. Marcel has loads of charisma, a magnetic personality with a big smile that is infectious. He's intelligent and when he wants something he goes for it. He's also loyal and it takes a lot to get him to turn against a friend or loved one. He looks out for his people and those he's taken under his wing. Though he and Hayley have been in constant conflict he refuses to let harm come to her (at least from his camp) and despite his current relationship with Klaus he doesn't hold any bad feelings towards Hope (she's practically his sister). 

     In the back door Pilot of The Originals I felt instantly drawn to Marcel. He was so fun and energetic but he knows how to take care of business. Unlike his mentor/father-figure Klaus, despite his abusive father Marcel didn't become bitter. I feel that Marcel is naturally joyful never dwelling in sorrow though he can certainly hold a grudge (just ask the witches). Marcel draws people to him and he keeps them through his good will (opposite of Klaus's typical style of causing fear) but he's not always so bubbly. When backed into a corner Marcel will bite maybe even rip a few throats out to make a point. He can be ruthless when pushed too far. 

    Marcel strikes me more as a friend with benefits kind of guy but he's definitely boyfriend material. He's there when you need a shoulder to cry on or to help build you up or if you need to let off some steam (either at the bar or in bed). He has great confidence in himself and his abilities to rise in power but the most attractive thing about him is the lengths he'll go for people he cares about.

Arrogant yet that's charming on him

4. Kol Mikaelson

         Kol is the bad boy you meet in high school and the guy you sneak around with rather than a boy you bring home to meet the folks. He wears his evil smirk with pride it's his main feature. I can't imagine him without it. As the youngest son Kol has to fight for attention so he acts out with violence and hardly takes no for an answer. I never found Kol that appealing as I like more mature men but he still has some attractiveness to make give him a suggestive side long glance.

     His over-confidence (straight up arrogant) can be seen as bravado but Kol values one thing: freedom. He's the guy you rebel with. When you want to rough up a few guys or bar hop Kol is on board. He's about living life to the fullest and chafes under rules. He inspires one to take charge of their life. He was attracted to the desire for freedom in Davina that blazed as intensely as his own. When he finds a girl he's devoted to her. Kol is willing to change for the right woman. Though he failed part of it was because of a hex that made him kill the woman he loved. Kol feels love and hate with equal passion. 

    Otherwise I can only see Kol as a good time. But I can understand why most fans are in love with him. Not just because of his wildness but because of the romantic they know is underneath. Everyday with Kol would seem like an adventure like Bonnie and Clyde just don't get into a situation where you're facing a hail of wooden bullets.

Also those soulful eyes of his a girl can get lost in them

5. Vincent Griffith

       To be honest Vincent didn't make much of an impression on me at first but Yates was playing Finn so I couldn't get a grasp on him. Handsome for sure but looks alone don't make a guy sexy. Then Vincent Griffith emerged and I began to see the real witch. Vincent has the mojo but is careful and cautious with how he uses it. He prefers the road that leads to peace without violence. Whenever Vincent works a spell he seems to become a completely different person. I'm mesmerized almost as he becomes otherworldly when performing his spells. There's a darkness in him that he fears.

     Just as being a beast has it's sexiness being a peace maker is just as much an aphrodisiac. Any man can make war but it takes a great man to want peace. Even when faced with an evil that could save thousands Vincent is completely tortured by it. It makes me want to hold him. But he's not a wuss. Vincent gave into the darkness inside him once so he knows it's as seductive as love but as destructive as a plague. It's impossible to wash out and this gives him a sympathy for those who are treading on the edge of darkness like when he ousted Davina (it was Marcel's idea but Vincent most likely agreed). He hates being the bearer of destruction but will follow through. 

     Another thing is that Vincent isn't prejudice. Though he's had a rough history with vampires like all the French Quarter witches he's willing to work with them and generally sees that not all vamps are alike. He's good friends with Josh who he lets help him with the witch community (but he's so cute why would not want Josh around?). And when he even gave Cami his blood to turn her into a vampire. Vincent is definitely boyfriend material. He's shy mostly and cautious when it comes to his heart but when he gives it to you he's a steady down to earth guy who would love to start a family. Just make sure you stay away from the dark voodoo stuff... 

        Klaus, Elijah, Marcel, Vincent, and Kol are not only handsome but they all have vibrant, colorful personalities that makes them each unique in their own way which makes them all sexy.


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