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Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Originals: Any Hope For a Reconciliation?

         After a few weeks of avoidance I finally watched the season finale of The Originals and whoa... Klaus actually made a huge sacrifice for his family though I feel like it was also for Marcel's benefit. Why? Because Marcel is still considered a Mikaelson. 

I got the magic juice, buddy

       Okay. Marcel feels betrayed because he was. Freya and Elijah destroyed Davina to save themselves even though they knew it would have destroyed Marcel who thought Davina as a daughter. Klaus was equally devastated when Elijah ripped out Marcel's heart. Klaus thought of Marcel as a son he thought he would never have. Marcel insisted to say that he wasn't a Mikaelson and would never be considered a true born Mikaelson but let's remember: even blood born Mikaelsons try to kill or destroy one another to some capacity. Mikael (no Father of the Year) tried to murder his own children. Esther tried the same. Their Aunt Dahlia almost succeeded in wiping them out. Finn constantly tried to end his siblings one way or another. Klaus has daggered his brothers and sister countless times. You seem to be a true Mikaelson when you attempt to murder members of your clan. 

All Hail the King

         Marcel became Dracula 2.0 not just to try and destroy Klaus. Think back to season 1, Marcel took the Mikaelson crest for his own even though he was the one responsible for their expulsion from New Orleans in the first place. Klaus was the father Marcel never had and he tried to emulate him when he took charge of the city. Isn't part of being a Mikaelson taking charge? Granted Marcel did it better than Klaus. In his way he took after both Elijah and Klaus. Marcel showed restraint and calm but sometimes showed strength and brutality. Yet he always displayed these different traits when necessary. He knew when to be ruthless and knew when to be chill. You have to wonder deep down that Marcel wanted Klaus to see what he built and be proud. I know. Marcel did try to plot and kill Klaus in season 1 but we all say things like that about our relatives at some point in our lives. I doubt Marcel would have gone through with it... I hope.

Can't help but think this alliance won't last

       So Marcel condemned Klaus to be daggered and sealed away to suffer. Like father like son, right? I saw the look on Marcel's face when he drove that dagger into Klaus. He didn't seem as relieved as he should have been or thought he'd be. Marcel is in charge now but who is he? I don't see the chill, calculating vampire king from the past 3 seasons. Vincent was right to turn against Marcel again. He's angrier. More despondent... Just like the old Klaus. I can't help but think that Marcel may become more brooding and miss his warring family (though never say it out loud). I'm sure he knows Hope is out there who may come back and try to get revenge for her family. She could definitely beat him with a flick of her finger (the subject of a later post). 

Hope will be talking in Season 4!!!

      Marcel is unaware that the Mikaelsons are still alive though hanging by a thread. Hayley will find the cure but before that will Marcel meet some new big bad that will force him to free his mentor/surrogate father? Or will Marcel be that big bad that forces Vincent to revive Klaus to try and get rid of Marcel? Either way I see some form of reconciliation between Marcel and his adoptive family. Given how much this family has been through it's hard to imagine them being completely done with each other.   
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