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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Agents of SHIELD: New Director

           There have already been a few theories as to who the new Director of SHIELD is. I feel like it's obvious. It's Melinda May.

Coulson is such a dad

        Not only is it the most logical choice I feel like it was going to happen. As much as I love Coulson I didn't feel like he was cut out to be Director. He had the heart and more often the stomach but he sometimes let his heart get in the way. Sure Coulson has made a lot of tough calls but as we've seen in season 3 he's allowed his heart to get in the way which caused him to make quite a few mistakes that almost destroyed the world. Another thing is Daisy was always Coulson's blind spot. Even in the beginning I saw an instant connection between them. They had that Daddy-Daughter chemistry from the start. He even admitted it to May that Daisy was the closest thing he had to a daughter. Coulson felt like he needed to protect Daisy but at the same time admired her strength and resolve as well as her desire to help save the world. It makes sense that since Daisy went rogue that Coulson would step down because where Daisy's concerned he may not think clearly. Which leaves May...

May said she wanted less field work

       Before Daisy met her mom I feel like she saw the quiet, strong, reserved Agent May as a mother-figure. In fact Daisy saw both May and Coulson as parental figures. Remember her dream in season 2? May and Coulson with a baby that they leave echoes Daisy's abandonment from her biological parents. Where Coulson is the empathetic parent that likes to make corny Dad jokes, May is the more strict parent who is more likely to ground you because someone has to be the disciplinary one. When necessary May will make the tough call. If Daisy needs to be put down then May will order the axe to fall. Though I think she would opt to do the deed herself. 

I see you!

         If I'm wrong I'll be hugely surprised because May is more than qualified for the job. And I don't think Coulson would do well under a stranger. He respects May so much that he was willing to let Andrew go if it made her impossible for her to work with him. She's his right hand and May has the same respect for Coulson. Not saying that Coulson wouldn't be a pain in Director May's ass but they've worked together for long enough that they would be honest with each other. May deserves this promotion! 
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