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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Game of Thrones: Predictions for Season 7

       So Daenerys is FINALLY going to Westeros with her three dragons and an army to take back the Seven Kingdoms though honestly seeing how so many of the previous houses are either wiped out or have dwindled in numbers as well as in power it should be easy pickings for her. But the events of the season 6 finale give way to many questions as to how season 7 will progress. As there are only supposed to be 7 episodes it'll be a short season but I feel like it'll be the most intense.

"Bitch please... I'm the Mother of Dragons."

 1. Queen Cersei vs The Mother of Dragons

          We remember the prophecy in season 5 where Cersei was told that she would be queen but all of her children would die before her. Then a new queen, younger and more beautiful would come to take all that she held dear. At first we assume that it was Margery but she died and then Tommen committed suicide. Now Cersei is queen in her own right (how she pulled that off who knows... Killing the right people I guess) and Dany is on her way with her fleet and three dragons.

           Putting together all the visions of the future so far: 1. Dany's visions in the House of the Undying, she's in The Red Keep which is abandoned and in ruin as snow and or ash fell; 2. Bran's vision of a dragon flying over King's Landing and of wild fire exploding. So far the wild fire thing came true but there are more caches located in the city and I assume Cersei knows where they all are. Now my prediction is that Dany's first stop may be King's Landing. She has the ships and again dragons so she could easily take the city but I feel like Cersei rather than giving up her crown will let the city burn and die in the process. I do feel like Cersei's time is coming.

Am I the only one who sees this relationship ending badly?

          So will Jaime kill Cersei? History often repeats but Jaime may just abandon Cersei. He didn't look thrilled to see her sitting on the Iron Throne because that meant their son was dead. Now all of their children are dead there's nothing much keeping Jaime and Cersei together. Cersei is definitely giving off that "Evil Queen" vibe and we all know what happens to the Evil Queens.

Sorry, honey. I like my women blond and blood related

2. Jaime redeems himself

           Though I feel like Jaime won't survive season 7 I do feel like he'll die for some selfless heroic reason to redeem himself. I know Jaime is supposed to be "good" but I haven't really seen that except with Brienne. She seems to bring out something honorable in him. I do also think that maybe Brienne and Jaime will meet again even though others think they won't. From season 1 you could feel a ramp up for this epic battle of the living vs the dead and Jaime has a Valyrian steel sword made from Ned Stark's sword Ice. Jaime could either give the sword to Tyrion to use in the fight with the White Walkers. But that's a theory without much weight.

At least 1 fan theory has been put to rest

 3. Jon's Parentage becomes more public knowledge & he rides a dragon

         Now that one fan theory has been put to rest once Dany arrives in Westeros I have a feeling she'll find someone who tells her that she has a surviving nephew out there. Perhaps Melisandre finds this out and tells Daenerys or Bran tells everyone this information when they're all together at the last minute before the big showdown. Technically Jon is the only family Dany has left. He may not be a true born Targaryen (or maybe he is if you remember my blog about Lyanna and Rhaegar) but he's family making the Starks and Targaryens kin if not immediate allies (or at least it should).

Mama's going home

         The second vision of the House of the Undying was of the Wall. Meaning that someone wants Dany to go North and fight the White Walkers. Dragons breathing fire and all they would be a huge help to Jon and his army. Also since Jon was declared King in the North someone may mention a marriage proposal. It would make political sense for Jon and Dany to get married finally bringing peace between the two families and uniting the North with the Seven Kingdoms again. Didn't Dorne do the same thing? But that's more wishful thinking than a prediction. Nevertheless I see Dany going North at some point meeting Jon and he will get to become a dragon rider. 

If they're actually related my mind will blow!

  4. Tyrion becomes a dragon rider

             Melisandre kept saying that King's Blood has magic power but it's more like Valyrian blood is magical. The House Baratheon is related to the Targaryens and Jon is the son of Rhaegar. And Valyrian blood is very much present in Essos. In a few episodes we've seen Tyrion getting some intense stares from some fire priestess. Then in Castle Black where Melisandre was intently staring at Jon through the flames. And then when Tyrion saw Drogon flying by in Old Valyria and when the dragons in the crypts trusted him to set them free from their chains. There's something about Valryian blood that is special. Also there have been many fan theories as to whether or not Tyrion is really the bastard son of King Aerys II, which would make him Dany's older brother. Side note I see some big family reunions in season 7...

My name is Arya Stark. You killed my family.
Prepare to die

   5. Arya Reunites... with someone

            I see some big reunions for Arya whether good ones or bad ones. Perhaps she sees the Hound again. But after watching her kill Walder Frey with a smile I don't doubt that Arya isn't finished with her hit list. It could be she journeys to King's Landing to kill Cersei but perhaps she runs into Gendry instead. I feel like he'll be important or at least I hope so because we haven't seen him since season 3 and I would hate for him to die off screen in a blaze of wild fire. 

           Or perhaps she'll just go North and find Nymeria. Nymeria and Ghost are the only Stark Dire Wolves left (why did Summer and Shaggy Dog have to die??????). Given Arya is becoming a cold blooded assassin dead set on revenge her arc feels unpredictable at this point.

Didn't work out for Robb but luckily Jon's still hung up
on Ygritte so no surprise marriages here

6. Sansa, Jon, & Littlefinger drama

           Sansa and Jon seem to be very close right now but that doesn't mean it'll be a smooth road between them. So far Littlefinger has been the cause of some strife between the reunited Starks. He keeps putting little seeds of doubt in Sansa's mind about her brother (though I guess they're more first cousins). Given how Sansa suffered so much abuse (mostly because of Littlefinger he keeps forgetting) I don't blame her for being guarded even with her own family. I do see some jealousy on Sansa's part. It's not like Jon rubs his prowess in her face though. Far from it. Jon is a reluctant hero but when people need a leader he steps up. 

"Umm yeah can you back up a bit? Personal space..."

          Now that Jon is King in the North, Sansa may feel like she's being put in second place. She may feel like no one respects her opinion and take that out on Jon by either undermining him or just head butting with him in public. What I'm hoping is that Sansa works with Jon instead of against him. She needs him. Jon has proven himself a warrior, a leader, he was a man of the Night's Watch and has the respect of the Free Folk as well as the Northern Lords and even the Knights of the Vale. However, Jon has shown that he can be emotional and that leads him to make mistakes. Perhaps Sansa will try to be the calculating brain while Jon remains the heart.

He lasted for so long but no character is ever safe

7. Who else may die in Season 7

         I feel like Ser Davos will die. Just a feeling. And also Littlefinger but that one I'm going off a prophecy in the books where some ghost says Sansa will kill a giant at Winterfell. Littlefinger's ancestors are from Braavos and being there's a colossus there (a symbol of the city) it leads me to believe that Sansa will kill Littlefinger somehow. 

     So those are my predictions as well as wishes for season 7. I may be wrong about most of it but the show is reaching its end and so far it's proven that it can still shock us. 

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