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Sunday, April 10, 2016

TVD: Calaric, Is It A Thing?

              I'm probably one of the many fans of TVD who are a bit weirded out by Alaric and Caroline being a couple. Though the more I think about it the more it makes sense (right now that is).

        Yes, it's kinda creepy. Alaric was Caroline's high school History Teacher. Then he was her college professor. These two haven't spent much time together throughout those 6 years but then Caroline became Alaric's surrogate. They seemed to really come together not just as friends but as partners in a way. It honestly didn't feel weird for me to see them going to birthing classes and hosting the baby shower. Then there was that spark when they felt the babies kick and Alaric was amazed how Caroline could tell them apart. She's not the twins' real mother but she filled the role so naturally. Alaric could have just left with the twins but he allowed Caroline to come along; 1 reason is because no one says "no" to Caroline and the other reason is he I feel like he had gotten used to her being around helping him prepare for parenthood. 

       Now that Alaric and Caroline began spent more time together I don't find it unbelievable that he fell in love with her. It's hard not to fall for Caroline as she has a way of moving her way into your life that you feel like the sun doesn't shine when she's not around. As a human Caroline was a pest but as a vampire she became a much more supportive, nurturing and loyal friend. Alaric didn't want to raise his children around vampires but he somehow made an exception for Caroline. She cares about the twins as much as he does because she got the chance to carry them and give birth which she most likely won't ever experience again as a vampire. And for 3 years they had perfect lives without violence or anything supernatural screwing things up. But has Caroline fallen for Alaric?

        Alaric explained that he proposed to Caroline because he fell in love with her and Caroline said yes because it made sense for the girls. They're essentially a family now and all they needed was a ring to make it official. We know that even if Stefan somehow became available again Caroline wouldn't abandon her surrogate daughters and by extension Alaric. We saw how she reacted when she found out that Alaric was moving to Dallas, Texas. Caroline grew to think of the babies as her own. Then there was that moment when Alaric named one of the babies Elizabeth after Caroline's mother. There's now a special bond between Alaric and Caroline, an intimacy that only 2 people who share a child can understand (like Klaus and Hayley). I don't see Caroline leaving her new family until the girls are all grown up or Alaric dies (though you never know...). 

        Yeah it's weird because of the age difference (of the characters) and Calaric will have to move around a lot every 10 years or so to keep people from figuring out Alaric's wife is immortal. There will certainly be deriding whispers as Alaric ages while his wife is forever young (trapped in the body of a 16 year old... yeah just tell people they're mormons or something) but if it makes you feel any better Alaric has terrible luck when it comes to marriage. His first wife left him to become a vampire and his second died on the altar. I hope third times' a charm but Klaroline and Steroline fans can hold on to such thoughts if they wish (especially since there's some hint from producers that their engagement might end). All I'm saying is that Alaric with Caroline makes the most sense right now given they have children together and they seem to work well together as a couple and as parents. What I love about this show is that you can pretty much match anyone together because the whole cast has such chemistry which to me is kinda rare. Enjoy Calaric while it lasts.
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