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Friday, April 29, 2016

Agents of SHIELD: Who Will Die?

We can rule Clark Gregg out immediately.
There's no show without him

            Haven't heard anything on a renewal yet BUT that doesn't mean there won't be one. In my opinion the MARVEL people have already planned their movie releases over the next few years and have expressed enthusiasm for the show tying into those story lines as the big events effect the show's events in some cases. In the mean time, Daisy has had a vision that someone from the team will die. But who?

You can't kill off the Cavalry

I just don't see her dying

      Immediately I'm ruling out Coulson because that would be a cheat to kill him off. Then I'm going to rule out May and Daisy. It's not just they're the only Asians of the cast but because I feel like they're still very important characters. These 2 women have a close connection to Coulson. While that would affect Coulson deeply if Daisy or May (his surrogate daughter and right hand) were to die I don't feel like their deaths would lead to anything more than that. 

You can't keep writing off every guy who isn't white

      One possibility is Mack though I don't know if he's going to die. Still since we've seen that scene in a space ship orbiting Earth I've been having a bad feeling. For one thing there's that golden cross Elena wears around her neck. She and Mack have gotten close though right now they've hit a bump in the road. They could make up and Elena could give Mack her gold cross as a gift to help protect him since she's a religious person who believes that carrying around a holy symbol would protect him. But it's also possible that Elena is the one who dies it being her necklace and all. Then there's Joe but I don't think he's going to die. I don't feel like his death would cause any great impact. Which leads me to Lincoln.

Lincoln is a tempting possibility for the reaper

        Daisy is very unlucky in love so it would make sense if Lincoln died. It would just be another death that she would blame herself for given what happened to Trip. While that sounds sadistic as a writer as well as masochistic for the character herself it would fit with the theme where at any moment a person you love would die saving you or that for some reason being a super hero means you have to fight fate every day to get some form of a happy ending with a person you love. But perhaps I'm too cynical...

We just got her back so not sure it'll be her...

       Now we've come to my real theory. I think either Fitz or Simmons are going to bite the big one. Losing one of our gifted geniuses would affect the team on a very deep level and I feel like it would help move the story for our characters. Also Fitz said they were cursed. I don't think it's just them that's cursed but as I've said before super heroes lose loved ones especially romantic ones all the time. Now we just got Jemma back so maybe it's Fitz who dies. He may sacrifice himself to Jemma's life but also Fitz had proven to be a fierce friend so he'd be ready to sacrifice his life for any one of his time. Remember when he protected Daisy when she first became an Inhuman. He never saw her as a monster once and then when he was trying to find Jemma Fitz put himself in danger countless times. He refuses to give up on his friends. 

I would hate to lose Fitz!

        My money is on Fitz or Simmons dying. Maybe one of them goes up in space with Mack, Elena, and some other members for some reason that could help destroy Hive somehow. We won't know until we see the episode!
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