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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

OUAT: Zelena & Hades: The Anti-Couple But the Sanest People Ever

          There really is someone out there for everyone. Even the Wicked Witch can get a guy, albeit he's the King of the Underworld but it was nice to see all the same. 

A bicycle built for two

       I will say that even though Zelena is the most psychotic of our villains you have to admit that ironically she's probably the most rational woman of the cast. She's the first to not immediately jump into this true love stuff. True Regina, Snow White, and Emma took a while to really open their hearts and let another person in but Zelena is the most independent woman of them all. She really doesn't need anyone to help her achieve power or take care of business. 

Hopefully Baby Green Bean takes after daddy

         Another thing I thought I was the only one who thought it was pretty crazy our heroes just left their infants back home to go on a rescue trip to hell. Remember earlier in the season when Snow White & Charming took their infant son to Camelot? Yeah they were on the fence about letting the dwarves come along but they're okay with bringing their teenage grandson and 2 children under the age of 7 on this dangerous trip? Even I was tempted to call child services on our heroes. Zelena points out this fact when they're tracking down her baby in the Underworld. Robin Hood's all about setting an example but dude wait until she's walking and talking and thinking for herself before you start leading by example. And you got to admire a little that she refers to her daughter as "our" instead of "my". She acknowledges that Robin's the dad but nevertheless she would rather raise the baby on her own. You also have to admire Zelena as a devoted mother. She may be a Wicked Witch but she loves her baby. So much that she gave her up even if it meant she would never see her again just to protect her. 

Talk about hot heads

       Then there's Hades. The King of the Underworld is cursed with a stopped heart that makes him unfeeling and also very lonely. Only the kiss of True Love (that kiss solves almost every problem I've noticed) will his heart restart and become a fully formed man again. He may be a vindictive, cold blooded deity but when it comes to love he goes all in. Creepy yeah he's kind of stalker-ish the minute Zelena makes him feel a wiggle in his special place (his heart) he's ready to give up on revenge against his brother, Zeus and share a life with her. That's kinda sweet actually.

Funny I didn't know Hades ever learned to ride a bike

       Unlike Rumple who holds onto power with an iron fist when it keeps costing him his loved ones, Hades is a kind of selfless guy when it comes to love. Even after Zelena rejects him he still holds a torch for her. He modeled the Underworld after Storybrooke to please her as well as try and "save" her baby from our heroes. At first Zelena thought he was going to use her daughter to create the time travel spell but truthfully he gave up on revenge against his brother Zeus a long time ago. Hades is completely in awe of Zelena for her fierce independence. Yet this time instead of an outright "no" Zelena gave Hades a "no... maybe... I don't know." So she's wavering a bit but she still prefers to get her daughter back her own way. Hades is cool with that. 

Even the King of the Underworld has a heart

       So Hades and Zelena may be an Anti-Couple but if you think about it they're the most rational people out of our heroes and villains. They shouldn't be raising a baby in the underworld but when it comes to relationships they'll probably be the sturdiest couple. Both are very independent people and Hades is willing to wait for Zelena until she's ready to be with him instead of using that "we're meant to be together it's true love" line we keep hearing. It may be a cold day in hell  before Zelena really lets her walls come down and let go of her personal insecurities but I feel like Hades is wearing her down. 
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