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Monday, November 2, 2015

TVD: The Mystery Hunter

I'm sorry did I step onto another making of Die Hard
instead of TVD?

               Been a very long time since I posted a blog post since the cancelation of SyFy's Dominion. But now I think it's time to get back on the blogging horse and I'm starting with The Vampire Diaries. So far we've gone back and forth between the "Present" and "3 Years from Now" not knowing which is the real story but what seems to be the constant is this mystery Phoenix Stone and an unknown violent hunter that's after our heroes. My theory is Jo.

How does Oscar keep slipping through your fingers, Damon?
          We just brought back Jo from the dead with the Phoenix Stone but I have a feeling that it's going to go real bad real soon (because it's TVD of course). Oscar's experience with the Phoenix Stone wasn't that great. He murdered a whole bus of tourists. Without the magical purgatory spirits are basically at peace in another far older Otherworld where humans and supernaturals co-mingle in peace. Dragging Jo back from that spirit world will have more dire consequences. Then in a 3 years from now flash back Alaric is father to twin girls and twins run in Jo's family so they must be Alaric's children with Jo though it's still unclear if these are the same twins from before Jo died or are a new set. But it does beg the question of why isn't Jo in the picture. Also several times I've heard Stefan and Damon refer to their attacker as a "her" or "she" so definitely a woman. 

So this sets the body on fire... onto the next necromancy
spell then...

        Next there's that curious "X" symbol carved into one of Lily's Heretics and the ones in several of Bonnie's violent visions. This may have happened before and Lily could have something to do with it. She wants the stone for who knows what reason. A vampire doesn't really need a spell for necromancy. I feel like Julian is connected some how... maybe he's part of a different story. All I can say is Lily is a bad judge of character when it comes to romantic relationships. Julian is like Guiseppe but the only difference is he hides his cruelty well. 

Hot Stranger Danger!

         Something happened to split our team up. Something bad. There has to be a reason why Alaric left to raise his twin girls and why Damon is coming to him for help. Alaric said that someone must be dead if Damon is coming to see him which means Jo is the killer. Until this theory is debunked I'm going to keep thinking that. 

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