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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Originals: Davina Deposed Now What?

My heart breaks for Davina!
She just keeps getting bullied & beat down!

        It's not Thanksgiving without a few heart breaks and Davina getting ostracized by the French Quarter witches was by far the biggest heart break for me. 

Vincent should just leave if he can't handle witch stuff


             I was angriest at Vincent. First he was the one who pushed Davina into becoming Regent. He was too much of a self loathing coward to step up so he got a traumatized teenage girl with anger issues to do the job for him. Davina is quite clever but ill equipped to handle a pack of homicidal French Quarter witches. She didn't have the experience nor the calculating air that was needed to keep the witches in line. Also Davina has trouble thinking straight when she's emotional. She's held a grudge against the Mikaelsons while bigger issues were going on such as crack pot Esther. I know killing Cara was not a good idea but she attacked Davina in broad daylight. Davina was raised on violence so what do you expect her to do just sit back and take it? Now Vincent doubles back and gets her kicked out of the coven, unable to practice magic. 

I'm a big girl, Marcel.

         Then there was Marcel. He still sees Davina as this girl that needs protecting but Davina is not a child anymore. She stopped being a child when her fellow witches killed her. Davina needed a friend not a daddy and I know Marcel sees himself as a father figure for her but he kind of went too far. Davina was starting to build up a power base and now he just totally derailed her whole life again. Marcel can say he did it to save her life all he wants but Davina may not see it that way.

She's crying tears of blood
          Now what's next for Davina? I have a hard time believing that Davina will quit. She has no where else to go and she'll spend time licking her wounds. Davina is more vulnerable than ever. I don't see her allowing Vincent within 100 feet to help her. She's had enough help from him and if Davina ever finds out that Marcel was behind the whole thing I don't see her forgiving her vampire friend either. I see her wounded but she'll get back up somehow. Or at least I hope so. 

So you want me to do YOUR job? Come on, dude

         Davina is the only good hearted witch in New Orleans. Her coven stabbed her in the back and when she was welcomed back she was still bullied. I'm surprised she hasn't killed all the witches. It just isn't fair that she keeps getting punished for fighting back. I hate Marcel and Vincent for doing this to her. Davina deserves better company.

She'll have to light candles the old fashioned way

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