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Monday, November 2, 2015

The Originals: War of the Sire Lines

No vampire can resist a party

            Klaus lost custody of Hope and there's a serial killer on the loose in New Orleans. Could this get any worse? Well there are some blasts from the Originals' past that are already painting the town red. The first vampires that Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah turned have arrived in the Crescent City and war is brewing. But will this war bring the brothers together or will the family be torn apart as the prophecy claims?

A handsome off!

           You never forget your first. Lucien was turned by Klaus by accident but our troubled Hybrid considered Lucien a friend so we could understand that if Klaus knew what his blood could do that he would choose to turn Lucien first. Tristan was turned by Elijah but we have no idea why yet. Tristan seemed more like future Klaus where he's over protective of his sister and sadistic. He also seems like a tool to me. Elijah sought to turn curious minds who wanted to change the world for the better but turns out they were all maniacal sociopaths. It's okay, Elijah, we all have that "make the world a better place" ideal in our youth. Then there's Aurora who must have been turned by Rebekah. It's the only thing that makes sense since this is a war of Sire Lines. Aurora has made her way to New Orleans and already removed an important player: a witch with visions of the future. But what do the new trio of trouble want?

Come on dude let me be your wing man like in the old days!

         Lucien has another werewolf bite cure that he's not sharing and we still don't know what that stuff is? What I can gather is that Lucien is into self preservation. Which also debunks him as the serial killer (for me anyway). Why would he endanger his standing with Klaus and draw attention to himself? Lucien came to New Orleans to protect Klaus and be his hype man. And killing Elijah would be out of the question also directly because Klaus and Rebekah would hunt Lucien down. Lucien doesn't want to be on the run but like Tristan said he may try to influence events that lead to Elijah's death. 

Great it's the head of Elijah's secret fang club

         Tristan is an entitled, sadistic, calculating killer making him a perfect candidate for the serial murders. It certainly screams his style of torture and it would ruin Lucien's standing with Klaus as well as draw attention away from him. But there's this nagging doubt in my mind that says he's not the one doing or ordering these killings. Tristan's goals seem to be world domination. He does head a cabal of vampires that have manipulated events in the past to suit their ends. Still don't know enough about him to make a fair assessment. He's the kind of guy who plays it close to the vest, subtle and in the shadows so he's not going to show all of his cards until he's won the game. Hayley saw Tristan as incomplete. A clue into finding out what Tristan wants. 

Just finished slicing through monks to let you know
my vacation is over. See ya in NOLA

        Aurora's goals are perhaps more enigmatic. Tristan wanted her kept under wraps. Mostly I can see is because she's a bit... erratic and emotionally unstable but in a promo she seeks Klaus (her ex) out. Whether this is for romantic purposes or to destroy Tristan and Lucien or BOTH remains to be seen. You can be sure that she'll be causing trouble.

Is this the vampire secret society handshake?

        Alexis saw Klaus die but we know that if that happens then there are no more Vampire Diaries either. I don't think Elijah and Klaus or Rebekah are going to die but maybe they'll be put out of commission temporarily. Only more episodes will tell us the whole story.
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