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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Reign & TVD: Klaroline Deja Vu

It's like looking at a mirror

               Is it me or am I getting a Klaroline Dejá Vu feeling every time I watch Narcisse flirting with Lola? It can't be just me? Let's look at the similarities:

They both have that swagger

Klaus & Narcisse:

           1. Both Narcisse and Klaus have caused problems for our main heroes. They come off as villains in the story but we know there's more to their stories. Plus we can't take our eyes off of them and melt every time they speak in their sexy accents.

           2. Narcisse and Klaus have a hard time making friends. People fear them because anyone who crosses them ends up dead or worse. 

           3. Deep down they just want to be loved and when they find a girl like Lola and Caroline they're up for the challenge and end up finding their soul mate. 

Both are strong, beautiful women

Lola & Caroline:

           1. Both fierce friends that you want on your side.

           2. Lola and Caroline have gone through some tough events but have come out alright. Not unscathed but they're stronger for it. I know some people say Lola broke the girl code but think about it: If Francis had slept with any other girl and she had his son, that woman would have probably given Mary an extremely hard time. Lola and Mary are close enough that Lola would never seek to outshine her best friend.

            3. Feisty girls both of them. Though Caroline is more high strung prom queen and Lola more laid back and prefers to let others have the spot light, people tend to underestimate them. Soon Lola and Caroline realized they have a strength they never knew they had and when backed into a corner they fight back with amazing fire.

           4. Now in their new romances, Lola and Caroline find themselves intrigued and attracted to these trouble making bad boys. They're thinking and doing things they never thought they would be doing. They're confused about who's in the right. 

It won't be long until Narcisse & Lola have their
scandalous romp in the woods hopefully
            These two ships challenge each other in incredible ways that encourage spiritual and emotional growth on both sides of the relationship. Lola and Narcisse are hitting the same kind of road bumps that Klaus and Caroline had gone through but they found themselves together eventually and pretty soon Lola will find that she cares deeply about Narcisse; more than she thought she could. Also Narcisse will find that Lola's in his blood and he'll have a hard time quitting her. Let's just hope none of Narcisse's one night stands don't end up with those "You're the father" calls the next day. 
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